Unbelievably, the BlackBerry Bold 9930 blazes at a ridiculous pace with just about every function thanks to the speedy 1.2GHz processor it’s packing, which is complemented by its 768 MB of RAM. This handset literally puts every BlackBerry before it to shame with its fluidity and responsiveness when navigating around the platform. In fact, RIM’s proprietary Liquid Graphics technology is part of the reason we experience such a high-level rate of performance with the handset. This isn’t your dad’s BlackBerry, but rather, it’s something that we can safely say exudes the speed we’d expect with most high-end smartphones nowadays.

To match its refreshed appearance, BlackBerry OS 7 aims to complement the handset’s allure, but sadly, it fails to impress us mainly because there are very limited improvements seen with it. Not looking at the obvious fact that things are indeed speedier with the platform experience, it still looks and feels rather dated and clunky as a whole – and it doesn’t quite feel as invigorating as other mobile platforms. Specifically, we’re still finding ourselves trudging through its menu driven system, which is something that harkens to the platforms of yesterday.

Regardless of that, long time BlackBerry users will find it to be satisfactory since it caters to their needs the most with its fundamental characteristics. However, that’s exactly the one quality that ends up keeping new and potential users from gravitating towards the BlackBerry ecosystem. Of course, touch input aids in making things a bit more intuitive, but it’s still that cutthroat BlackBerry experience at its core. Eventually, we’d like to see RIM be a bit more daring, or possibly becoming bolder when it comes to reinventing the BlackBerry platform experience. Cue the music for QNX please?


Don’t think for a moment that because it offers a touchscreen, it’s going to have an on-screen keyboard of some sort. Well, you’re going to rely on using the physical keyboard for all your inputting needs with this one. But of course, that shouldn’t be a downer since it’s the best experience we’ve seen on a BlackBerry smartphone to date.

What can we say about email on the Bold 9930? For starters, it’s what you’d expect out of any BlackBerry, which is a fantastic experience that caters to the needs to power users with push email support. As much as we adore its intuitive and straightforward nature, we’d still like to see some features like threaded conversations to organize things just a bit more.

Launching any of the Bold 9930 organizer apps, there are no major changes with any of them. With the Calendar app, we’re able to synchronize things from our Gmail and Facebook accounts, which are actually color-coded to better distinguish appointments. Besides being able to set alarms from within the Clock app, we’re also given access to other secondary apps like the stopwatch and timer. Additionally, there is an option to enable bedside mode, which allows the clock to be displayed while preventing incoming calls or messages from popping up. Some of the other organizer apps on board with the handset include the Calculator, MemoPad, Tasks, and Voice Notes Recorder.

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