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RIM BlackBerry Bold 9780 Review

BlackBerry Bold 9780 T-Mobile

Posted: , by John V.



RIM BlackBerry Bold 9780 Review
Calling quality is mediocre at best since that there is a faint continuous ringing tone that can be heard through the earpiece when the volume is placed to its maximum setting. At the same time, voices sound a bit distorted which hampers in deciphering words. On the flip side though, things are a bit better for our callers as they stated that our voice sounded clear and free from any interference. Finally, the speakerphone manages to emit some strong levels to make voices sound audible, but it's muffled in tone.

In our time using the handset, we didn't experience any noticeable evidence of fluctuations with signal strength as it retained a solid connection in the high coverage areas of the greater Philadelphia region.

When it comes down to battery life and smartphones, the BlackBerry Bold 9780 is one handset you want to keep your eyes on seeing that we managed to get 3 days of normal usage out of it. Needless to say that its mark is impressive, but we'd imagine light users to extend its usage even more. For heavy users, it'll be more than capable of surpassing the one day mark and probably into the next before requiring a recharge. The manufacturer has it rated for 6 hours of talk and 528 hours of standby time.


When it's priced at $129.99 with a contract, you really can't go wrong with the BlackBerry Bold 9780 – even when it closely resembles its predecessor. Simply, it goes to show that this is RIM's bread and butter seeing that it excels in a wide variety of areas as it plays to the strengths of business-centric individuals. Moreover, BlackBerry OS 6 manages to run exceptionally on the device as it caters to RIM's targeted demographics while still winning over new ones with its well rounded features. In the end, the BlackBerry Bold 9780 embodies all the qualities we adore about RIM's portfolio which in turn, aids them to retain their clientele.

Software version of the reviewed unit: 6.0 Bundle 863 (v6.0.0.285, Platform

RIM BlackBerry Bold 9780 Video Review:


  • Solid construction
  • UMA Wi-Fi calling
  • Fantastic battery life
  • Versatile keyboard


  • Unchanged design
  • Noisy looking photos in low lighting
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7.52 Reviews

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posted on 23 Nov 2010, 09:19 3

1. kentuckyloan (banned) (Posts: 7; Member since: 28 Jun 2010)

Love it. Super Fast, Fantastic Battery, fits in pocket great, great looking screen. Email and messasging machine....Browser still needs work--also like uma for the tmobile blackberry

posted on 23 Nov 2010, 16:49

2. Flacco (unregistered)

8.5? To a mediocre call quality? Really?

posted on 24 Nov 2010, 04:20 1

3. OverRatedChild (unregistered)

Blackberries are the best, SUPER reliable and have all the features I need from a phone. If I want to play games or some other crap, I get my self an iPod Touch.
THREe things I want to see In the next Blackberry:
>Better Resolution (Maybe VGA - 640x480, over the current WVGA - 480x360)
>HD Recording
>Touchscreen (Like a hybrid, eg: Sony Ericsson Aspen, Nokia X3 Touch and Type)
Those Features, coupled with a good price = Best Phone..... ever.

posted on 25 Nov 2010, 10:57 1

4. Ebonyks (Posts: 20; Member since: 10 Nov 2009)

Changing the resolution of the blackberry would require a pretty massive overhaul of the apps market. It's not going to happen in the current blackberry OS, maybe the playbook OS being ported over to phones will change that.

Same thing with the touchscreen. The touchscreen blackberries have all been retrofitted to run blackberry OS, and they lack the features that make touchscreens so compelling in the first place, including heavy use of gestures.

That's the ultimate problem with blackberries, they keep building on a dinosaur of an OS. They're reliable, and have the best hardware keyboards in the world (I still miss that part of my curve 8900), and still have the best battery life in the business.

I just hope next year brings more change, because the torch wasn't enough to push RIM into the next generation. They're not trying with the 9780, but that's fine, they're filling a niche of business types who don't want to bother with learning a new OS and interface.

posted on 27 Nov 2010, 16:04 1

5. T-MoLoyalist (unregistered)

Actually the bold has a HVGA Resolution. I don't mind the loss of a touchscreen, we end up smudging it anyway. The QWERTY Keyboard is awesome, the browser is so much better, and the camera takes fantastic pictures. Future BlackBerries I hope there's a front facing Video Camera while, keeping it's current form. If it manages to do everything the competition can do while staying compact, it'll be a good day for RIM indeed.

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PhoneArena rating:
Display2.4 inches, 480 x 360 pixels (246 ppi) TFT
Camera5 megapixels
624 MHz
0.5 GB RAM
Size4.29 x 2.36 x 0.55 inches
(109 x 60 x 14 mm)
4.30 oz  (122 g)
Battery1500 mAh, 6 hours talk time

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