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RIM BlackBerry 8830 Review

BlackBerry 8830

Posted: , by PhoneArena Team



The 8830 is very stable. There is almost no lag when a selection is made. We did not experience any rebooting or lockups at all. All commands or inputs put into the phone were processed quickly.

Sound quality was very good. There were only a few times were static was heard and all this happened in low signal areas. Reception was also excellent. There was not a time when we lost signal. Even the people on the other end didn’t express any complaints about sound quality.

Talk time on a CDMA network is rated for 3.66 hours (220 minutes) but we got just shy of 5 (4 hours and 54 minutes) of continuous talk time. This should be more than enough to satisfy even the busy users. Standby time is set for 216 hours (9 days) and while we could not prove this, leaving the phone half charged for two days and still getting more than enough battery life to test out the phone is a great thing. If you’re roaming on the GSM network, talk time is rated at 5 hours (300 minutes) and standby time is rated at 16 days.


The BlackBerry 8830 proved to be an outstanding device. We were very impressed with how well it works and the capabilities. It may lack some features like a camera, this is of course geared more towards businesses and some businesses prohibit camera phones.

Strictly from a business perspective, this is a wonderful phone. While you may not have a push-to-talk type feature, you will be able to stay connected anywhere in the world that you can get reception. The email client is able to connect to the major types of email boxes and typing messages will be simple thanks to the QWERTY keyboard.

As a phone for the mass public, it is still a great phone to keep in touch. It may not have features you wish for but it’s great at what it’s designed for. Still, if those are features you wish, look to other phones, such as the Mogul, for your needs.
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  • Sound quality
  • Talk time
  • Very stable
  • Wonderful email client


  • Keys on keyboard don’t always give feedback or won’t respond when pressed
  • Small message notifications
  • Voice dialing performance could be much better
  • No A2DP profile
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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. Mark Thomas (unregistered)

The 8830 is a HYBRID CDMA & GSm handset! RIM makes one of the, if no the best Smartphone on the market in my personal opinion! My handset ALWAYS works! Never had a battery, reception or functionality issue...in 4+ years averaging 5K minutes/month! THANK YOU RIM!!

posted on 25 Sep 2007, 10:35

2. voiceofid (unregistered)

the phone IS capable of a2dp, but rather the carrier include it in their version is another story

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PhoneArena rating:
Display320 x 240 pixels TFT
Single core
0.02 GB RAM
Size4.49 x 2.60 x 0.55 inches
(114 x 66 x 14 mm)
4.60 oz  (130 g)
Battery1400 mAh, 3.66 hours talk time

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