PowerSkin iPhone 4 Case Review


So does the PowerSkin actually provide double the battery life for the iPhone 4? Well, that’s a resounding yes because we managed to fully charge a dead iPhone 4 back to 100%. Not ending there, we are able to charge the handset an additional 16% before tapping out the PowerSkin completely. And when it comes to charging the iPhone 4, it manages to do it at the same rate as if you’re using a regular wall charger. With its built-in 2,000 mAh battery, power users are pretty much guaranteed to get a solid day of usage – with no worries about losing any juice throughout the day.


Knowing that it lives up to the fact of offering double the battery life with the iPhone 4, we’re stuck in a dilemma between its better pricing over the competition, and the handset’s hefty physical transformation. On one hand, we absolutely adore that it’s able to more than double the battery life – while being priced competitively over its rivals at $79.99. However, we’re not thrilled to find the once sleek looking device transformed into a literal brick with the PowerSkin on. At the same time, it lacks any favorable design elements to make it faintly attractive as a case, but nevertheless, it’s able to get the job done in terms of battery life.

PowerSkin iPhone 4 Case Video Review:


  • Doubles the iPhone 4’s battery life
  • Decent $79.99 price tag


  • Extremely bulky & uninspiring design

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