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Plantronics Voyager PRO Review

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Now, let´s get down to the functionality of the Plantronics Voyager PRO and size up the manufacturer´s claim about ”Pushing the limits of headset technology.” The Bluetooth accessory comes equipped with two microphones that have been specifically designed to handle noise (even headwind). Moreover, the device utilizes the new AudioIQ2 technology, developed to suppress environmental sounds via an adapting 20-band equalizer. Is this the dawn of a new age for Bluetooth headsets? Hardly. During our tests, the in-call quality was mediocre on the other end… when we happened to be in quiet places. With a lot of noises around us things got much worse and people we were talking to complained we sounded muffled and intelligible. Finally, we were displeased with the overall quality on our end in both cases, not to mention the sound even cut off by itself on several occasions. We are definitely not satisfied.

Plantronics Voyager PRO Review
Plantronics Voyager PRO Review
Plantronics Voyager PRO Review


There was no time during our tests when we felt impressed by the Plantronics Voyager PRO. It has a stylish design, but this cannot make up for the lack of a compact size. While we can live with that, the fact that it doesn’t feel more comfortable to wear as opposed to smaller Bluetooth headsets simply means that Plantronics has rushed the product. At least the battery is up to its task. According to the manufacturer, it provides 6hrs of continuous talk time and keeps the headset alive for 5 days on a single charge. This is similar to what we found out during our tests.
Unfortunately, the Voyager PRO is not up to the manufacturer´s promise of in-call quality to make you feel as if in the same room with the person you´re talking to, something that we clearly evidenced with another product of the company, the Discovery 925. Understandably, the latter comes with a steeper price tag.


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  • Bad in-call quality
  • Gets uncomfortable to wear in about 3hrs
  • Not compact
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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. jfb322 (Posts: 1; Member since: 12 Aug 2009)

Wow! Either you've received a defective unit or your opinion is different than mine and almost all the other reviews on this headset. I've used about 2 dozen headsets over the years including Plantronics, Jawbone, Jabra, Blue Ant and others. By far the Voyager Pro out preforms them all! It has outstanding incoming and outgoing voice quality. People i've spoken to tell me it's almost equal to a land line. I have no problems hearing incoming even at medium volume levels. I can wear it for hours at a time with no discomfort. Also, recently I switched to the LG Dare. The Voyager Pro is the only headset I've used that activates the voice dial with no errors. All in all, the best headset I've ever used.

posted on 12 Mar 2011, 00:23

2. DWM1011 (unregistered)

This is one of the best headsets on the market today. What phone was it synced to? Everyone tells me they can't tell that I'm on a cell phone. And it's the first headset I've owned that I can consistently hear everything that’s being said. All headset reviews should include several different phones before you should consider them valid. This review is just lame.

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