Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset Review

In case you have never used a device similar to this, most likely you will not be able to control it without looking through the user manual supplied in the box. Due to the fact that the ON button is different from the one for conversation managing, you will not be able to follow the ‘traditional’ procedure by holding the latter for a few seconds while not in use. Having worked with M2500, we solved the problem by a sudden deja-vu: you must push simultaneously the ‘call’ and ‘volume up’ buttons while in stand-by mode: this will instantaneously switch the set to the desired mode, indicated by a blue-green flash of the small LED.

Nearly all functions of the device are accessible via different kinds of pressing of the call button. A soft push will have no result whereas a two-second hold will turn on the phone voice recognition system. Two fast clicks dial the last called number. We are glad to note that an incoming call can be refused by only a two-three second hold of the same button – not the 8 seconds as with other models of the same manufacturer (645, 655). Muting during conversation is done by the specialized button, just above the sound control ones.

We were very pleased by the headphone – as someone put it: ‘Ugly, but the sound is as good as hell’. While talking the sound is incredibly strong and you will hardly ever need to turn the volume up to the end. Hearing is clear and problem-free. The other side can also hear you quite well but with a normal sound level – unfortunately the voice is slightly ‘blurred’ now and then, becoming a wee more unclear.

The wind interference reduction system is very good – even a strong air-stream is filtered with ease. Despite the lack of DSP, it performs rather well at moderate noise levels – due to the long microphone placed next to the mouth.


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1. dan shepard unregistered

this the best bluetooth headset there is. i have some type of minor hearing loss but the 510 came thru loud & clear. i have had the motorola h500 & h700(dsp) & neither came close to the 510. i use the 510 with nokia 6133 & motorola pebl with no problem. performance sucks when using with samsung t629

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