Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset Review

Voyager is big and for most of us it would seem unsightly, but it is a matter of personal taste. It looks more professional as a specialized conversation device rather than a fashionable accessory as most of the recent models (Plantronics 645, 655, Nokia BH-800). It is colored in the standard dull grey-and-black tonality. Its somewhat large size is compensated for by the fact that the main volume is entirely gathered in a module placed behind the cochlea during utilization. In this it resembles the M2500 model, reviewed by us a year and a half ago, as well as certain models of Jabra (BT250, BT500). However, its distinguishing mark is the long boom microphone. The latter has a small ‘hidden’ LED at the end and a sponge-like surface, in fact a very fine and dense net placed over the mike. Thus, as a hardware, it reduces a great deal of the moving air noise, the so called ‘wind' without the need to consume a lot of energy, as digital systems (DSP) do. Later you will learn more about the effectiveness of the former.

The 2.5-inch-long microphone can alter its height position by a movable arm, which makes it more accurately adjustable to different people and easier to place as near as possible to the consumer’s mouth. The arm can also be rolled horizontally for a even more precise adjustment to one’s ear or head. By turning the boom and the rear module you can easily switch from right to left ear – the headset can be used on both.

The keys are also placed one above the other, thus being functional regardless of the ear on which the set is being used. It is interesting to note that there is one more key than the standard number – apart from the sound rocker and the call button the set has a power/mute button which, in our view, does not make any sense. Part of its surface is in relief, but pressing it, even in off-the-ear position is very difficult and it can hardly be felt.

Unfortunately, the other buttons are almost as hard to press: the call key, situated at the rear of the boom microphone and nearly lacking any relief, is equally difficult to push and, what is more, the necessary effort leaves an unpleasant sensation in the ear where the device is. The semi-arc shaped sound control buttons, in our opinion, are not quite aptly placed at the upper part of the rear module. We would prefer them to be lower - even in case it led to their entirely vertical positioning. That would facilitate reaching them with a thumb. Naturally, it depends on the user, but we still do not consider this position most appropriate – in a size so big one would expect the best possible placement.
Despite the large dimensions, the ½ oz. weight is fully acceptable!


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1. dan shepard unregistered

this the best bluetooth headset there is. i have some type of minor hearing loss but the 510 came thru loud & clear. i have had the motorola h500 & h700(dsp) & neither came close to the 510. i use the 510 with nokia 6133 & motorola pebl with no problem. performance sucks when using with samsung t629

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