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Plantronics Marque 2 Review

Posted: , by John V.


Call and Audio Quality:

Plantronics Marque 2 Review
Although it’s unlikely that people will primarily use this for listening to music, the quality is actually pleasant. When using it for phone calls and pumping it up all the way to its highest volume setting, it retains some of its robustness, but there’s a minute level of strain with voices. On the other end of the line, though, our callers mention being presented with a decent amount of clarity, so there’s no issue comprehending us. However, when using it in the car with the windows rolled down, its noise-cancellation feature kicks into gear after a 5 seconds – so background noise (like the wind) is muted, mostly. Then again, some faint instances of distortion comes into play, but are still more than audible for us to discern.


Rated for 7 hours of talk time by the manufacturer, our results tallied in a little over the 6 hour mark, which isn’t anything grand, but for its size and all, we can’t complain too much about it.


For an entry-level Bluetooth headset, we really would’ve liked to see this guy priced more aggressively below the $50 mark. Instead, its $59.99 price point can make it a tough sell for some people – especially knowing that there are a handful out there that boast similar features. Certainly, it works out for simple phone calls and whatnot, but don’t expect anything extravagant. In the end, if you like its minimalistic design and decent call quality, it should no doubt get the job done. Beyond that, you can fork over a little bit more cash and pick up something with a broader features set.

Plantronics Marque 2 Video Review:


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Comfortable feel in the ear


  • A little pricey for an entry-level model
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