Plantronics M2500 Bluetooth headset review


Judging how comfortable a headset is very subjective. I for instance like to wear the headset for very prolonged period of time. Some people just put the headset on for the duration of the call. Nevertheless, some headsets clearly create discomfort after very short periods of time. Fortunately, the M2500 is not one of those. The headset fits very comfortably and feels very secure ones put on. No matter how vigorously I shook my head, the headset never even budged. The earpiece ends with a rubber ring which has two openings so the sound can pass thru, so nothing unlike some other headsets, nothing goes into your ear canal (hence less irritation). Once put on, I could easily go about 2.5 – 3h without noticing I had a headset. Passing the 4h mark creates very slight discomfort.


Overall, I am very satisfied with the Plantronics M2500. It is very well built, with easy controls and durable design. Even though the device does not sport DPS, the audio quality is very good if you do not pass the 6-7 meters (18- 21 feet) mark and you are in a quiet environment. The headset can be easily put on with one hand and even though its weight is more on the heady side (23 grams) it be worn for prolonged periods of time without creating discomfort.

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