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Plantronics Discovery 925 Review

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We didn’t bother much adjusting the volume and quickly paired the device to run a quick test. It clings to the ear firmly, but sometimes you may get the feeling it is about to fall off. Fortunately, it wouldn´t, in contrast to other Bluetooth hands-frees we have used. Naturally, the Discovery 925 becomes uncomfortable after a prolonged use, say, two or three hours of continuous wear. The  wonderful sound quality, however, fully makes up for the drawback. Voices sound really clear and natural, as if the person you are talking with was right next to you. The same goes for people on the other end– everyone could hear us loud and clear, well, except for that time when a gust of wind almost knocked us off our feet and even the incorporated “AudioIQ” noise suppression technology didn´t seem to help. However, as far as we know, a real cell phone would not sound any better in similar conditions, so we are completely satisfied with its performance with this respect.

Plantronics Discovery 925 Review
Plantronics Discovery 925 Review
Plantronics Discovery 925 Review


We whole-heartedly recommend the Plantronics Discovery 925. Not everyone would find its innovative design appealing, but those who do, should know that they would be getting a really high-quality Bluetooth earpiece in their hands. It does look different and unique, not to mention the sound quality it delivers is nothing short of truly remarkable. Good things rarely come free though and you would need to shell out between $70 to $130 to get the Discovery 925. In this case, however, it’s money well spent.


  • Innovative design
  • Outstanding sound quality
  • Satisfying battery life


  • Becomes uncomfortable after prolonged use
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