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Plantronics Discovery 665 Review

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It’s easy to pair the 655 with your phone: holding the call key down for about 8 seconds will put it into pairing mode, indicated by a red-blue flashing of the LED. When you find it with your phone, just enter the standard 0000 key sequence to go into the accessory’s list of known devices.
When the headset is out of range, it will notify you with a beeping sound. Unfortunately, it doesn't automatically disconnect and shut off in a few minutes, as some of its rivals, and thus keeps draining the battery.

The call key is a multifunctional key: holding it for a couple of seconds in standby mode will activate the phone’s voice dialing regime, while double pressing it will redial the last number. When an incoming call is received, a single press of this key will answer it, but if you want to reject it, the same key should be held for 8 seconds, which is too much, and even dumb, since you can’t reject a call immediately.

Pressing both volume keys at the same time will put the headset in power saving mode – it turns the digital signal processing system off until you power it on in the same way; unfortunately it is indicated by a simple beep, which is the same as the one when powering it on – so you can’t understand if it is on or off. The same key combination during a call will mute the microphone.

Range - Plantronics Discovery 665 Review



We are happy, that the sound quality during a call has improved, compared to the 655! We expected the two headsets to be exactly the same in this aspect, but it is not so and every improvement is welcomed of course. The only weak side of the 655’s sound – it was muffled and the voices sounded not exactly as they should, has been replaced in the 665 by a clear and strong sound, which makes it one of the best sounding headsets together with Nokia BH-900.

Talk time - Plantronics Discovery 665 Review

Talk time

Just like the 645 and 655, the 665 has DSP (Digital Signal Processing) system for better quality of the outgoing sound when you are at noisy environment. The DSP system is a filter, which should decrease the volume of the surround sounds and transmit only your voice to the other party. Although Plantronics use the new name “AudioIQ® technology” the system is the same and not the best possible. It is not the best in average to strong wind but handles well with surrounding noise like passing vehicles or music with up-to-average level.

Unfortunately, the battery of the 665 is similar to that of 645 and 655 and has similar performance, which is weak compared to the rival models. It has only 3 hours of talk time, which is a short battery time even for a DSP-enabled headset.

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