Plantronics 655 Bluetooth Headset Review


Just as its predecessor, the 655 can be attached directly to the ear only by its rubber earpiece. Coming with the accessory are three sizes for more accurate adjusting, and a great improvement is that the headset now stays steadily and doesn’t bias down, pointing at the ground with its microphone. It is very easy to attach it to the ear in this case, but if you add the optional earloop it will be a little harder, as it is not very plastic and you’ll have to use some finger to move it behind your ear. The latter will help you for even more secured feel while you are wearing the device – it won’t fall if you don’t want to, and it won’t make you worry in any way about this!

When it comes to continuous wearing of the headset, the 655 performs better than the 645; although it has the same earhook and earpiece design, we felt it more comfortable on our ear and unlike the predecessor it didn’t disturbed us so strong and wearing it for nearly 2 hours didn’t worried us.

A high-end device, the Plantronis 655 doesn’t suffer from poor design – definitely. It is small and good-looking accessory that looks stylish on your ear, attached on its own or with small black metallic earloop. When it’s not over the ear, the charging pocket with the AAA charger are stylish way to bring the headset, that also expands its battery life.


Coming in less pretending than its predecessor box, the 655 improves some of the main drawbacks, but not all: the headset is now fully usable without the earhook and it sits still without a problem for wearing it. Its keys are still hard do press, but they give feedback.


  • Very comfortable to wear and good looking.
  • Stylish design with high-end box content.
  • Light weight.


  • Keys are hard to feel and press.
  • Gets easily scratched.
  • Relatively hard to install with the earhook on.
  • Using power-save mode is mixed-up.

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1. Duker unregistered

best bluetooth I have had, maybe it is just nextel phones, but i would still get voice breakup fairly often.

2. sky unregistered

This thing sounds bad in loud enviroments. I tried a friends plantronics 510, the big over the ear one. THis thing does not compare. On the street, walking, the other line can not get a clear sentance from my 655. Other than the noise filter its clear and has great batt life.

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