Plantronics 655 Bluetooth Headset Review


It’s easy to pair the 655 with your phone: holding the call key down for about 8 seconds will put it into pairing mode, indicated by red-blue flashing of the LED. When you find it with your phone, just enter the standard 0000 key to go into the accessory’s list of known devices.

The call key is multifunctional key: holding it for a couple of seconds in standby mode will activate the voice dialing of the phone, while double pressing it will redial last number. When an incoming call is received, a single press of this key will answer it, but if you want to reject it, the same key should be held for 8 seconds, which is pretty much, and even dumb, as you can’t reject a call immediately.

Pressing the couple of volume keys at the same time will put the headset in power saving mode – it turns the digital signal processing system off until you power it on in the same way; unfortunately it is indicated by a simple beep, which is the same as the one when powering it on – so you can’t understand if it is on or of. The same key combination during a call will mute the microphone.


During a call the performance of the 655 is above the average but it is not anything special. Relatively strong volume is obtained in both directions, and the voices sound realistic and clear, but a little muffled and monotone. The DSP system is not the best in windy environment, but handles well with music and other sounds around you so you can use the headset in noisy places.



1. Duker unregistered

best bluetooth I have had, maybe it is just nextel phones, but i would still get voice breakup fairly often.

2. sky unregistered

This thing sounds bad in loud enviroments. I tried a friends plantronics 510, the big over the ear one. THis thing does not compare. On the street, walking, the other line can not get a clear sentance from my 655. Other than the noise filter its clear and has great batt life.

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