Plantronics 655 Bluetooth Headset Review

The 655 keeps the same weight as its predecessor which is 9grams (1/3oz) and makes it part of the light-weight headsets currently offered on the market. It has simple design attaching to the ear by the soft rubber earpiece, and can also be used with an optional earhook that gives additional security. A simple rotation will allow for wearing it on the other ear, too.

The whole headset is made out of combination of silver and black plastic. The darker color takes a bigger part here than it was with the previous model, and the contrast is stronger. The whole back (inner) and both sides are made of single glossy black part, which unfortunately gets scratched very easy. Similar to the 645, for service indication it has a LED “ring” around the call key, which flashes in blue or red.

<<< 1-SE PV705, 2-SE GV435, 3-Jabra BT350, 4-Nokia BH-900, 5-SE IV835, 6-Plantronics 655

All the three keys the headset has are situated in a column on the front side: here are a couple of black volume keys and the call key just above them. Although the keys have raised arrows that are easily felt, you should get used to them in order to press them properly, which should be done by directly pushing these arrows – pressing the area around them won’t do anything at all. The call key can be easily felt, as it is situated at an angle towards the volume keys. All the three buttons are relatively hard to press, but return strong tactile feedback.



1. Duker unregistered

best bluetooth I have had, maybe it is just nextel phones, but i would still get voice breakup fairly often.

2. sky unregistered

This thing sounds bad in loud enviroments. I tried a friends plantronics 510, the big over the ear one. THis thing does not compare. On the street, walking, the other line can not get a clear sentance from my 655. Other than the noise filter its clear and has great batt life.

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