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Plantronics 590A Stereo Bluetooth Headset Review


As usual, before starting to use the Bluetooth device, one has to pair it with a telephone or another unit (the universal adapter, music player, computer); so long as Plantronics 590A relies on an on/off switch for putting into operation instead of holding a multifunctional button, the procedure here is somewhat different from the standard one. In order to enter the mode you have to do the same as with other on/off switch Plantronics models (Voyager 510, M2500) – turn the headphones on and then immediately hold the Call button for a short time. The light will flash in red-blue, indicating the pairing mode. Then you start searching for the phones from your device and eventually find them as ‘590 Plantronics’; entering 0000 serves for authorization and you are connected.

It is very easy to use your phones with the universal adaptor so long as they have been paired at the factory. But yet, in case the do not connect after turning on, consult the manual.

We consider it strange that you cannot connect the headphones simultaneously with a telephone and another device – a music player or any A2DP unit; this was possible with Nokia BH 601 and Jabra BT 620.

The options to control the phone thru the headset profile and the music player thru A2DP are standard.


We have been seriously disappointed by the unit’s sound when used for listening to music. Reproduction is distorted, without dynamics and detail. Vocals are ‘flat’ and emotionless; everything is somewhat muted. Only sound power is sufficient, actually -quite high.

During conversation 590A gives a very good performance with high-quality sound and medium volume. If the microphone has not been pulled out you will be heard a bit ‘distantly’ and unclearly, but after placing it right a distinct audibility is achieved. You can also hear the other side strongly and clearly, despite the little ‘sharpness’ of the voice.

The 10 and a half hours of continues talk time are fine but cannot be compared with the leaders, which scored 50% more. This is 5 hours more!

The Range in which the 590A is usable is excellent for a Bluetooth headset and good when compared to the other Stereo Headsets.

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