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Parrot Party Review

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Parrot Party Review

You probably don’t know this, but Party is already a media star. It did participate in David Guetta's video to the hit single “Baby when the light”, where the cute soundbox could be seen on the beach surrounded by few hotties.
Unfortunately, when testing outdoors we weren’t satisfied (maybe we went to the wrong beach). Indoors (not counting being in a plane hangar), the device did very well. The sound is clear and loud enough for background music, but don not expect anything more.

Parrot Party arrives in a set with four 2100 Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, united in a battery pack and an external charger/power supply. On one hand you won’t have to buy additional batteries, but we think it would’ve been better, if there were four separate ones. According to the manufacturer they are good for up to four hours continuous play. When we tested the system, it lasted even more - for 5 hours and 45 minutes. We dare say, that if the volume is not turned up at the maximum level, the battery may last even longer.

It is operational at up to 10 meters. We didn’t notice any sound interruption during the test.

In contrast to most rival models, Party can not be used as a speaker while talking on the phone. Luckily, if there is an incoming call, the sound is muted and is then back on very quickly.


Parrot Party Review
Parrot Party Review
According to us, Parrot Party is intended for young people; while most rival devices are somewhat similar to a combination between a cheap alarm clock with radio and Bluetooth, the Party’s “happy” colors and beautiful design is screaming to get your attention. That and the good sound quality (hardly comparable to a standalone sound system), including the intuitive controls, makes the Party a good choice for a portable soundbox.


  • Pretty design
  • Good sound quality
  • Two ways to connect – cable and Bluetooth
  • Good price/quality ratio


  • Cannot be used for voice calls
  • Small, hard to press controls
  • No optional color choices
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