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Parrot Party Review

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Connecting the device is done through the standard procedure; while in search mode the main button is pressed and the password to be entered is 0000.

According to the manufacturer the soundbox supports up to ten simultaneously connected devices, but for us pairing it with more than one proved to be an impossible task. The strange thing was that after resetting the Party we had to pair it again with the device it was previously connected to.

Party has two presets to multiply the pleasure received of listening to your favorite tunes:

  • Virtual SuperBass – enhances the bass frequencies (this effect is hardly noticeable due to the weak bass performance of the device)
  • Stereo Widening – broadens the music frequency ranges for a better sound indoors (also debatable)

Unfortunately, a built-in equalizer with at least a few presets (rock, classic, R&B etc.) is not present and these have to be controlled from the source. You can not control the playlist from the device either.

A good idea the manufacturer had, was to include a cable with a standard 3.5 mm jack, which doesn’t limit the Party to connect utilizing Bluetooth only. Regrettably, we noticed a big difference in the quality of the sound when using the cable and when using the Bluetooth technology, the wireless connection being the better one.

In the box you will find a software installation CD to help you connect the Party to an A2DP capable PC. The software has an equalizer, fine sound tuning and sound delay for easier PC synch. There is an option for a firmware update, which is done very easy and takes a maximum of ten minutes.

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