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Parrot PMK5800 Review

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Parrot PMK5800 Review

Umh, enough good words. We are really disappointed by the quality of the music playback. We’ve no idea if it is just because of the Bluetooth transfer, or the FM one, or both, but the final result is just .. bad. We are close to calling it awful. An average car stereo that sounds just OK while listening to radio is hard to stand when listening to the Parrot. The music is flat and sounds strange, even at low volume.

Things are a bit better when during a call. Although the same methods are used for transmitting the sound, ‘hi-fi’ quality is not required for a call. The incoming voice may sound dull and unreal, but at least you hear it through the car’s speakers, which means there is plenty of power and it is clearer than any small speaker integrated in a kit.

On the other hand, the volume is average and so is the quality. Unfortunately, even with the car stopped, you will sound artificial and sometimes, it will be hard to understand you. Significant amount of echo is present as well. As the surround noise amount increases, things get worse, so don’t really plan to use this kit if it is noisy around you, while driving with the windows opened for example. The echo even when stopped, shows how weak the DSP system is.


Well, summing the pros and cons, is the PMK5800 worth getting? It depends on your lifestyle. Unlike the MiniKit, it wouldn’t be usable anywhere but in the car (as it uses power from the lighter), but will use the car’s speakers and is alternative for music playback (weak performance is better than none). For similar amount of money you can get the CK3000, which brings the sound quality during a call to whole new level, but you’d have to install it in one car and forget about the music transmitting.

So, if you change your vehicle often and would like to be able to use your phone as the source of background music while driving, the PMK5800 is an OK device for its price. However, the low quality sound may turn many off.


  • Easily movable, without installation
  • Would fit most vehicles with no problem


  • Sound quality
  • Not really the best buttons
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