Parrot Minikit Bluetooth Speakerphone Review


Unfortunately, we were not satisfied with the sound of this product. Its volume and quality depend too much on where you use it: in a small room they hear you weaker than the average level, otherwise the sound is clear when the minikit is at a reasonable distance from you and put on a table.

When used in a car, there is a great difference depending on the type of car and the device position in it.  The most appropriate position providing the best connection, is on the sun visor of the windshield.  A lower position, near the gear lever for instance, will reduce your voice quality and volume.

Despite the Parrot’s hi-fi 2w speaker advertisements, the sound the MiniKit produces is of low quality. The voices sound monotonously and sometimes even incomprehensibly even at weak and average levels.  When you make the sound louder, it is quite distorted and on the other side they start hearing the echo of their own voice although you have a DSP system.


Unfortunately, Minikit did not live up to our expectations. Maybe they have been too great because of the really classy and high-quality appearance, but the sound level and quality were not proper.  Of course, our criteria is high comparing it to such excellent systems as CK3000, but to the fact of ‘if it does its work’, too.  Had the manufacturer improved the sound, the minikit would be close to the perfect hands-free module.


  • Built-in battery provides independent power
  • Easy to use menu system
  • Well looking


  • Hard to feel and press Answer/Reject keys
  • Mediocre sound quality

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