Parrot DriveBlue Car handfree system (version 3.10) review

Overall, I am not satisfied with the sound quality of DriveBlue.

If the external mic is not connected, the phones works in half-duplex mode - only one party can talk and the other one should stay silent. The sound that DriveBlue produces is loud and but not clear. The problem is with the other party - your voice will sound as if you were talking from far away.


I strongly suggest using the external microphone also. It enables full duplex operation (both parties can talk and listen simultaneously to each other). It provides clear sound quality because is closer to your mouth and I guess is more advanced then the built in one.


Another issue is the external noise when you reach speeds in excess of 45-50mph. At around 65mph it is sometimes hard for the other party to understand what you are saying. This very much depends also on your car's soundproofness.


Unfortunately, the sound reproduced by DriveBlue is very far from being clear. Don't get me wrong - it is loud but very snuffle.


DriveBlue is connected to Sony Ericsson T610. Then Nokia 3650 initiates a call to the Sony Ericsson T610. The sounds below are recorded as they are heard from the Nokia 3650 (or in other words - not the party using the DriveBlue).

Driving with 60 mph with MICDriving with 60 mph without MIC
Stopped car, MIC connectedStopped car, MIC not connected


The sound below shows how the DriveBlue and Nokia 3650 speaker phone reproduce sounds.

How Nokia 3650's speaker phone soundsHow DriveBlue sounds


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