Parrot DriveBlue Car handfree system (version 3.10) review

The device allows you to set voice names for all you contacts and dial them without touching anything (similar to the Magic word in T68i). Surprisingly this feature worked flawlessly every time I tried it - no matter if I was idling or speeding on a highway with 70 mph. All you have to do is say "telephone" then the person's name and if you want to call his home, cell or work number. During the conversation, if you say "hang-up" the Driveblue hands up. What I found very weird is that there was no "BUSY" or "ANSWER" voice commands. The user can only activate the Auto answer which I do not like.


I think it's a good place to grumble about user manual wanna be that is included with the DriveBlue - Parrot PLEASE try to make a better job next time. Either include a cd-rom with the most current manual, create a REAL paper manual, or simply direct all your customers to your web-site for the latest manual.


Access to DriveBlue's menu from Connectivity / Accessories on Sony Ericsson T610
DriveBlue Main menu
DriveBlue settings
DriveBlue voice settings




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