Parrot DriveBlue Car handfree system (version 3.10) review


Depending on the phone you are using, different features are available to you. I've tested the DriveBlue with Sony Ericsson T610 (headset bluetooth profile) and Nokia 3650 (handsfree bluetooth profile). Both phones connected to the Driveblue without problem and performed well. The difference is that the SE T610 allows you to control some additional DriveBlue features from the phone's display! All you need to do is to Bluetooth, accessories and you will see Parrot Menu. From there you can adjust DriveBlue's volume, upload phone's phonebook to the driveblue, reset the memory...


Answering a call is simple – press the green button (PICK UP) on the DriveBlue unit. If you press the phone's answer key, the calls will be routed to your handset. When done with the call, you press the red button (HANG UP) or if you have WordSpotting enabled and you have trained it, you can say “Hang Up”.


Call Hangling Features  

RedialingPress and hold the green button on the DriveBlue unit for 2 seconds. (Supported by most phones with a Handsfree profile)
Dual callPress the green button on the DriveBlue unit upon hearing the 'beep' to place the active call on hold and accept the waiting call. Press the green button again to alternate between calls. Press the red button on the DriveBlue unit to reject the waiting call. (Supported by all phones with a Handsfree profile)
Private modeThis feature allows you to switch an ongoing call from the handsfree to your phone.
WordspottingThis feature allows you to initiate or terminate a call without using the buttons of your handsfree or your phone. A procedure for training the voice commands is required. This feature is available with some Bluetooth phones.
Auto AnswerWhen enabled, this feature will automatically accept incoming calls after the second ring.
Caller IDWhen trained, the name of the caller will be played prior to answering the call.



Handsfree management features 

Phonebook inside handsfreeDriveBlue allows you to download your phonebook into its memory, and to keep both lists synchronized. The major benefit doing so is to perform noise-robust voice recognition speed dial from the DriveBlue processor on up to 200 phone entries. This feature is provided to some Bluetooth phones.
Control menu on phone screen

Some phones can display the DriveBlue options menu on their screen. This allows you to manage from your phone:

- Phonebook menu
- Handsfree parameters
- Voice recognition settings



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