The DriveBlue's design is very simplified, contemporary and sturdy. It features two button - TALK and HANG-UP. Also there is rubberized rocker switch used to adjust the volume up and down. The device comes on as soon as it is plugged in, so there is no separate power on/off switch. The whole unit weight around 85 grams.

There is one design flaw that I hope is corrected in the future version - the TALK and HANG-UP buttons are not illuminated, preventing the user to find them easy at night.

DriveBlue front
DriveBlue back
DriveBlue side
DriveBlue side

»Installation / Pairing
Very easy like most current Bluetooth devices. Just power it on if there are no devices paired with the DriveBlue, you will hear a female voice which will tell you that you have to pair a devices first. The go to the connectivity menu on your phone, search for devices, find the DriveBlue version 3.10 and select pair, put 1234 as password and you are done.

One very interesting feature is the ability to be paired with up to 3 different phones. This way, if you and your wife drive the same car, she will not have to pair the DriveBlue with her phone if she want to use it.


DriveBlue Installed with no microphone
DriveBlue installed with microphone
Microphone installed on streering column

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