Parrot DriveBlue Car handfree system (version 3.10) review


»Official Specification and Sales Package:

Standard Features:
Digital Signal processor: Noise reduction, echo cancellation.
Voice recognition dialing
Multi-user: up to 3 people can use one kit at a time from their respective mobile phones;
Volume control
Private conversation mode
Software upgrade: maintain high level of features with newest phones.
Word spotting - full voice control for pick up and hang up;
Full (with external mic) or Half Duplex communication
Works in six languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch;
Customizable features:
Dual call
Automatic answering function for incoming calls (can be deactivated);
Main and secondary users
Vocal caller ID of phonebook contacts (can be deactivated);


Advance Features: (*)
Multiple numbers (home, office and cellular) for the same contact (V-card);
Control menu on phone screen
Voice recognition on up to 200 name
Automatic synchronization with the mobile's phone book (available with Ericsson and Siemens Bluetooth phones).

(*) Provided with some models of phones only. 


Electrical features:
Reference voltage 12V direct current
Operating voltage range: 9V to 16V
Typical power consumption: 120mA
Transmitting: 300mA (8 Ohm speaker)


3.3V components:
Parrot3 36MIPS chipset with DSP core
8 Mb Flash memory


Audio channel:
Motorola 13bit linear codec
2W amplifier
8 Ohm speaker, 1 W
36dB/V omni directional microphone
Bluetooth Module: Flash, ARM7 core, radio modem


Bluetooth Implementation:
Bluetooth Stack:
HCI (Host Controller Interface)
L2CAP (Logical Link Control Adaptation Protocol)
SDP (Service Discovery Protocol)
OBEX (IrDA Object Exchange)
Bluetooth Profiles:
GAP (Generic Access Profile)
SPP (Serial Port Profile)
HSP (Headset Profile)
SYNC (Synchronization Profile)
HFP (Hands Free Profile)


Compatibility as of Q3, 2003:
Ericsson R 520m, T39m, T68m
Nokia 6310, 6310i, 8910, 8910i, 3650, N-Gage
Philips Fisio 820, Fisio 825
Sony Ericsson T68i, P800, T610, T616,T618, Z600
Siemens S55, S56, SX10
Motorola 270C/280i ( with bluetooth extension ), A830, A835, V600
VK VG400
Palm Tungsten


As you can see the list of features is VERY extensive. I'll discuss the use of most of them later in the review.


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