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Parrot CK3000 EVOLUTION Bluetooth Car Kit Review

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Sound Quality:

The sound of CK3000 Evolution is really on an evolution level and it is actually one of the best you can get in a car. It is much similar, or even equal to that of its bigger brother 3400.

In silent atmosphere, e.g. when the engine is not running, the sound is very clear, vivid and normally loud. One can never tell that you are talking from a handsfree, let alone one installed inside a car. However, this is not a big enough challenge for an up-market system. It is much more difficult to achieve such sound when the noise from the moving car interferes. When the sound is a little louder, the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) system is turned on, which aims to eliminate the superfluous noises. In the same instant your voice starts to sound less real with reduced high frequencies, but it is still clear and distinct. When you’re driving at about 60 mph and your car windows are open, the wind blowing into the car is felt like an unpleasant and loud noise. Thanks to the DSP system this is not felt so strongly at the other end, where they can hear you in the same way as if your windows were closed and the atmosphere was much quieter.

We would like to stress on the importance of the correct attaching of the mike, because if it’s not correctly attached, it will vibrate and the vibration will be heard as a noise at the other end.

The sound at your end is not worth discussing, since it depends on your car’s stereo system. In our case these were the manufactures’s loudspeakers, which delivered both a distinct voice and sound volume and clarity without a problem. This kit will ensure that you and the person at the other end hear everything right.


Parrot CK3000 is a wonderful product and it does what it has been designed for. First of all, we have to mention the perfect sound that it delivers in both directions, thanks to the DSP and the use of the car stereo system. Secondly, the convenience of the kit, which is permanently installed in your car, its only visible part being the small, but handy control unit. Our criticism here is that there is no display showing the caller’s number (other models of the same manufacturer are equipped with such a display) and the voice dialing system, which is not connected to the phone and has to receive all contacts one by one, which takes a long time. Everything else is close to perfection!

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. Mr. raymond watkins (unregistered)

when using ck3000 on bluetooth i can not use tom tom sat nav on blue tooth,can only work one or the other.

posted on 25 May 2011, 06:01

2. Josephine (unregistered)

My cx3000 evolution will not pair with my new Nokia E72 phone even though the Parrot website says it is compatible.
Does anyone know why?

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