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Parrot 3400 LS-GPS Bluetooth Car Kit Review

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Sound Quality is what Parrot 3400 does best. But lets explain it in more detail. The sound you hear comes from your car's speakers (so the power and quality depends on them) and in most situations there's no room for comparison with any phone's earphone or with any other car kit. In our case we used factory installed speakers in the dashboard which were enough to reproduce the sound correctly and loud enough.

The outgoing sound is also very good. During the test it was clear to understand was what said even at a speed of 60 Mph and the front windows of the car being opened. This is quite a heavy task for any device of this kind but Parrot 3400 LS-GPS did well without any problem. At a speed of 60 Mph there are a lot of different sounds in your car that should not occur in your conversation – the sound of the wind when you pass by the various objects around you, the road's imperfect surface, etc. – but the car kit somehow manages to leave all those sounds out, and to transmit your voice as if you are in a totally quiet and calm place. Featuring various modern technologies for voice transmission, it copes with this vital task in a really good way!

We'd like to note the way we place the microphone in the car is very important. During the test we had a problem with a strange noise that sometimes occurred even with windows closed and at a low speed – it should be positioned so that it does not vibrate because these vibrations are transmitted as noise.


Parrot 3400 LS-GPS is a really good car kit! Although the installation is hardware, it is easily done. After that you can make use of your car's stereo while making a conversation – the sound quality is very high in both directions. The GPS is a nice and useful option in a car, but the bad thing is that it has to be in the upper part of the car's dashboard in order get any signal at all, and the latter cannot be removed. It's a pity the voice control of the kit is very badly implemented, in contrast to the menus which are logically structured and big enough to be easily seen on the color display.


  • Relatively big and bright display
  • Integrated GPS
  • Universal Radio Mute system; Easy installation
  • Awesome Sound Quality


  • Voice control is poorly supported
  • It is mandatory that you install the Control Unit in the upper part of the
  • It's not possible to detach the display, for theft
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