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Pantech Laser Review

Pantech Laser

Posted: , posted by John V.



Pantech Laser Review
Placing all of its strength in the messaging department, the Laser fell flat on its back in the calling quality department. First and foremost, the earpiece doesn't provide for the most audible tones, but it is muddied with some static sound in the background. In addition, the voice of our callers did sound rather mute in tone – which made it even more difficult in comprehending words. Conversely, our callers said that our voice sounded hollow on their end. But when switching to the speakerphone, voices did sound muffled – making the entire experience unflattering to say the least.

No problems in retaining a good connection to the network as the handset displayed sufficient bars and didn't drop any calls during our testing.

Probably because of the AMOLED panel in use, we managed to get a decent amount of juice out of its battery. In fact, we were able to achieve just a little bit under 6 hours before it completely died. Although it's no record setting, it's considered to be average for its group. The manufacturer has it rated for 5 hours of talk and 336 hours of standby time.


Yes, the Pantech Laser is undoubtedly at the upper end of the feature phone spectrum on AT&T's lineup. But when you factor in all of the goodies it's packing beneath its shell, you'll easily figure out that it soars above other similar handsets like the Samsung Impression and LG Vu Plus. At $99.99 on-contract, it's also one of the most expensive Pantech non-smartphone handsets we've seen to date, but it's accompanied with a level of intrigue thanks to its commanding figure of being the thinnest handset on the market to sport a landscape keyboard. Although it might not prove itself in all categories, it nonetheless manages to transcend in being a messaging phone – plus it makes you look good while doing it.

Software version of the reviewed unit: JJUS09132010

Pantech Laser Video Review:


  • Streamlined form factor
  • Brilliant & detailed AMOLED display
  • Personalized homesceen
  • Well-sized QWERY keyboard


  • Below average calling quality
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6.88 Reviews

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Display3.1 inches, 480 x 800 pixels (301 ppi) AMOLED
Camera3 megapixels
Size4.45 x 2.28 x 0.39 inches
(113 x 58 x 10 mm)
4.06 oz  (115 g)
Battery1000 mAh, 5 hours talk time

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