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Pantech Impact P7000 Review

Pantech Impact 7.5

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Pantech Impact P7000 Review
Listening to our callers proved to be the most difficult because of the constant static noise on our end that drowned the conversation. Although voices did sound clear for the most part, without any hints of being muffled, we still had to fight the noticeable static noise in the background. On the other end, our callers stated that out voice was natural in tone. Switching to the speaker phone, we were once greeted to the same noise we experience on our end. It didn’t cause too much problems comprehending out callers because the vibrant speakers provided some audible sounds.

During our testing, the Impact held up well in retaining signal strength with solid bars at any given time in the greater Philadelphia area. The Impact was not plagued by any service issues or dropped calls.

The Pantech Impact went above and beyond the rated levels for talk time from the manufacturer – we managed to place a phone call for 6 hours. We would suspect the proximity sensor being a driving factor in exceeding the level. Pantech has the phone rated for 5 hours of talk and 336 hours of standby.


Pantech hits the mark with the Impact for a text messaging oriented handset that’ll make short work out of sending lengthy messages. With its unique look, thanks to the OLED display and touch sensitive keypad, it’ll instantly capture the gaze of many around this phone. If you overlook its shortcomings in the photo/video area, you’ll find that it makes a huge impact with Pantech’s offerings for being yet another well-balanced messaging phone.

Pantech Impact P7000 Video Review:


  • Long battery life
  • Well-sized QWERTY keyboard
  • Great web browsing experience
  • External OLED display
  • Appealing looks


  • Washed out photos
  • Jerky video capture
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7.5 Good
User rating:
6.5 19 Reviews

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. ace1122 (Posts: 237; Member since: 23 Mar 2009)

Why are most of AT&T's phones made out of cheap, tacky colored plastic? This would be a cool phone if it didnt look like a cheap toy. But good review.

posted on 26 Aug 2010, 10:51

2. denise nelson (unregistered)

M y ringtones have faded off my phone how can i get them back on there.

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Display2.6 inches, 240 x 400 pixels (179 ppi) TFT
Camera2 megapixels
Size4.19 x 2.04 x 0.70 inches
(106 x 52 x 18 mm)
4.49 oz  (127 g)
Battery930 mAh, 5 hours talk time

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