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Pantech Burst Review

Pantech Burst

Posted: , by John V.



Pantech Burst Review
Calling quality could’ve been improved, but for the most part, we’re able to hold conversations down without being bogged by its imperfections. For starters, its earpiece’s volume output is on the weak side, while voices tend to have crackly tones. On the other end of the line, our callers are faced with a slight hiss with our voice. And finally, its speakerphone is reasonable, but plagued by the same crackly tones from before.

Never once showing any signs of fluctuation during our testing, the Burst maintains a solid connection to the network in nearly all places – and it didn’t drop any phone calls too!

Under HSPA+ connectivity, the handset’s battery life is very average, as it’s able to reel in at least a solid day of normal usage with a full charge. Of course, 4G LTE connectivity will impact its results even more, but in any event, we’re content with the battery life we obtained connected via HSPA+.


Sound the alarm people, but we believe that Pantech has finally produced a winner in our books for AT&T, seeing that the Burst offers a ton of value for its $49.99 on-contract price. Barely skipping a beat, we’re enamored by the arsenal it’s packing along for the ride, and beyond that, it’s also able to match its allure by flaunting a pretty decent design too. Simply factoring its Super AMOLED display, dual-core processor, and 4G LTE connectivity, these three items alone would deem it as a premium priced smartphone, but rather, it bucks the trend by surprising us with something totally different. Sure it might not hit the high marks in all categories, but it’s balanced enough to warrant some recognition as a great solution for those on a budget.

Android Version: 2.3.5
Build Number: GRJ90
Kernel Version:

Pantech Burst Video Review:


  • Affordable $49.99 on-contract cost
  • Surprisingly fast performance from its dual-core CPU
  • Sturdy build quality


  • Poor quality from its camera
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User rating:
8.73 Reviews

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posted on 03 Feb 2012, 07:23 1

1. kshell1 (Posts: 1143; Member since: 05 Oct 2011)

2 points away for the camera!?! like remixfa says its iphonearena

posted on 03 Feb 2012, 11:16

2. Paden (Posts: 262; Member since: 07 Jul 2011)

Is anyone else disgusted by Pantechs LTE smartphone names?
Break Out & Burst.


posted on 13 Jun 2012, 08:05

9. Nathan_ingx (Posts: 4319; Member since: 07 Mar 2012)

LOL, next thing you know...there's "twilight"...and maybe even "curse"!! :D

posted on 03 Feb 2012, 17:10

3. Birds (Posts: 1171; Member since: 21 Nov 2011)

If i was on at&t I would get this phone but since my mom is on sprint i will settle for the Photon becasue it is the same price for a new extension at walmart. lol

posted on 07 Feb 2012, 04:43

4. cdrob (Posts: 3; Member since: 06 Feb 2012)

ok, whats the trick with putting the sim card in?

posted on 07 Feb 2012, 17:27

5. Yankchef (Posts: 76; Member since: 03 Feb 2012)

I wouldn't say that the photon is settling at all... Its a great phone and I would say has a lot of Pros over the burst even given that it was released 6 months ago

posted on 08 Feb 2012, 06:47

6. cdrob (Posts: 3; Member since: 06 Feb 2012)

found out they sent me the wrong sim card...:((

posted on 22 Mar 2012, 14:05

7. jzachary78 (Posts: 1; Member since: 22 Mar 2012)

pls tell me how u managed to get root for this device (noticed the superuser icon in the screenshots). I've had this phone for almost 30 days now, been trying to root since day 1. And with the exception of the low-quality camera software, all in all it's fantastic.

posted on 06 Apr 2012, 20:24

8. TechLife11 (Posts: 2; Member since: 06 Apr 2012)

I just got one and I've got to say its really quite a good little smartphone. It works just as well as my friends Samsung and Motorola phones. The 4G LTE is fast and the phone its self is quick, so far I think the budget company has finally hit a home run with the Burst.

posted on 04 Jul 2012, 19:20

10. adriannladonna (Posts: 1; Member since: 04 Jul 2012)

I own the Pantech Burst and I have only had it for 3 weeks never dropped it or got it wet and recently it quit charging and won't turn on for me at all..So i called and because i didnt have the box they had to call Pantech directly and they are priority mailing me a new phone in the mail next day shipping, they are charging me 15.00 just to get a new phone... I believe it should have been no charge because of it being their product they looked over it thoroughly and found nothing what so ever wrong no liquid damage or any damage of any type.

posted on 20 Aug 2012, 22:20

11. TechLife11 (Posts: 2; Member since: 06 Apr 2012)

Its been a few months now and the phone still works great. Its now my all in one since I use it for music now, the SQ is better than my Fuze and Cowon J3 which is just shocking to me. Paired with my FiiO E11 headphone amp and Triple Fi 10 the sound quality is outstanding. This is the best phone you can get as far as price performance goes.

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Pantech Burst

Pantech Burst

OS: Android 4.0 2.3.5
view full specs
PhoneArena rating:
Display4.0 inches, 480 x 800 pixels (233 ppi) Super AMOLED
Camera5 megapixels
Qualcomm, Dual-core, 1500 MHz, Scorpion processor
Size4.98 x 2.46 x 0.45 inches
(126 x 62 x 11 mm)
4.32 oz  (122 g)
Battery1650 mAh, 4.5 hours talk time

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