Given that Panasonic has an extensive background in making digital cameras, it is a bit underwhelming to find an 8-megapixel cameraof average quality on the back of the Panasonic ELUGA. In broad daylight, photos look okay for the most part, although fine details are being smudged by noise suppression algorithms. The frame is captured about a second after the shutter is pressed, and capturing the next image requires about two more. Clearly, these figures would have been okay a year ago, but our expectations are a bit higher nowadays. We are also left wondering why there is no flash on the back of the device. Needless to say, shooting under low-light conditions does not produce eye-pleasing results. Videos can be taken in 720p resolution and look quite presentable.


When it comes to multimedia, the audio and video player that come standard on the Panasonic ELUGA do not differ much from what stock Android 2.3 offers. The music player is pretty straightforward to use and comes with its own home screen widget, so we cannot really ask for more. Besides, it will get support for FLAC audio files once the Android 4.0 update is released. The video player is pretty simple as well with videos of up to 720p playing back smoothly. Our QuickTime and MPEG4 video samples were playable, but support for the DivX format is absent. Whether it will be added through the aforementioned software update remains to be seen. As a whole, watching videos on the Panasonic ELUGA is a pleasant experience due to the screen's 4.3-inch diagonal.

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