The voice quality of the 755p was good on both ends; it was clear and sounded nearly as good as a landline. The speakerphone is very useable, though there is some voice quality lost when doing so. Reception was generally acceptable, though it did suffer in fringe areas and we dropped two calls while testing the battery life. We were able to achieve 295 minutes (4.9 hours) of talk time, nearly half an hour above the rated 4.2 hours.


The Treo 755p is a fine device. The revamped design and materials give it a more modern look, and as a smartphone it can handle most anything you throw at it. The PIM functionality on it is excellent, especially when paired with Verizon’s WirelessSync. It’s something we would highly recommend if you were getting your less-than-tech-savvy mom a PDA. It’s not something we would buy for ourselves, or would recommend to a seasoned PDA user. Despite the redesign it cannot escape the staleness present in the Palm OS, and even though Palm has made a concerted effort to streamline the 755p it is still large by any standards. We feel a bit bad being so harsh because it is a very capable device, and at this point it is nearly a year old, but Sprint users should check out the Centro if they need a Palm device. Verizon and Alltel users, well, maybe its time to start looking for a new OS?


  • Very capable and stable OS
  • Large, easy to read display
  • Full QWERTY keyboard


  • Large, even for a smartphone
  • Palm OS is growing stale

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This is my 3rd Palm phone and for sure it will be my LAST ! I am on my 2nd 755p in 3 months and they are no good! I had a treo650 for 2years and had very little problems out of it . But the 755s are worthless the battery WILL NOT LAST 14 HRS unless you only use the PHONE for about 1 hrs worth of calls. I called PALM and they dont even care if you have problems or not. And if you have Alltel its even worse , they have LOCKED OUT picture messaging on palm phones but not other smartphones and they are capable of it !(sprint and verizons 755p DO) And when you are paying that extra money each month for the privilege of having a smartphone you should get ALL THE FEATURES WITH IT BUT YOU DONT AND CANT !! Web access is still extremely slow and times out frequently . If you start adding programs to it BEWARE the thing crashes all the time with all kinds of diff. apps. then you have the hassle of getting your money back from 3rd party vendors as well. ONLY GOOD THING THIS PHONE HAS IS THE CALENDAR ! Speaker sounds Horrible , Buttons dont work like they should , Crashes frequently (unless stock but who leaves them stock?) , Camera stinks , Bluetooth dont pick up devices 2inches away , BATTERY IS TERRIBLE (they tell you after you complain to buy a $70 extended battery. WHY) , AND ALLTEL LEAVES OTHER FEATURES LOCKED OUT COMPARED TO OTHER EQUAL CARRIERS !! STAY AWAY FROM THIS PHONE YOU WILL REGRET IT! PALM HAS GONE STRAIGHT DOWN THE DRAIN ! USED TO BE GREAT PRODUCTS BUT NO LONGER !!!!
Treo 755p
  • Display 320 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 1.3 MP
  • Battery 1600 mAh(4.20h talk time)

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