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Palm Treo 755p Review

Palm Treo 755p

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Versamail - Palm Treo 755p Review
VZW Sync - Palm Treo 755p Review


VZW Sync

The 755p is a robust messaging device, but the offerings from Sprint and Verizon differ. Both versions offer a full email program, text, picture and video messaging, and with Sprint you will also find an included IM client.

Sprint utilizes Versamail for email, a client that has been long paired with the Treo line. It allows the user to set up POP and IMAP accounts and supports Exchange email as well. Verizon’s WirelessSync is the only email client on their 755p. It is the same program that has been on Verizon smartphones for a few years, and offers excellent push email for both personal and corporate accounts. Users can also manage their WirelessSync account online at www.wirelesssync.vzw.com. Both solutions are very simple to setup, and even the novice user will be emailing within minutes.

Palm Treo 755p Review
As we have seen on previous Treos, the SMS application on the 755p allows for threaded messaging. This is a wonderful feature, and allows text messages to basically become instant message conversations. We are not sure why more phones don’t incorporate this feature given the popularity of text messaging.

Also along for the ride is MMS, allowing users to send and receive pictures and video clips. It should be noted, however, that with Sprint’s 755p the process isn’t as seamless as it is on a regular handset. The user gets a notification that they’ve received a message, but then need to follow the link to launch the web to view the media, and in the case of a video the user must download the file to view it.

Sprint Mobile Instant Messaging is included (via free download) and offers access to AIM, Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. This program is text-based so anyone with an unlimited text package (and who owns a smartphone without one?) can IM until their heart is content. Users can be signed into all three services simultaneously, and the program runs in the background which means users will have their IMs delivered to them even when the program isn’t being used. Third party IM applications are available for Verizon for a cost.

Connectivity and Data:

The 755p is an EV-DO rev0 device, and so users can expect broadband-like speeds when downloading files and surfing the web. Using the included data cable or Bluetooth the phone is able to be tethered with a phone as modem plan from Sprint. The phone features Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR, meaning Bluetooth tethering will be similar to that with a cable. Other Bluetooth profiles supported HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRC, and hot syncing is available as well.

As with any Palm device, Blazer is the native browser, and version 4.5.8 is found on the 755p. Blazer is capable of handling HTML pages and attempts to optimize them for the device, but it chokes up on larger pages. For example PhoneArena loaded well enough, but a more complex page such as ESPN.com took forever to load and was fairly unusable. YouTube videos were easily viewable via m.youtube.com (to which we were automatically directed,) but when switching to classic view the page took much longer to load and Blazer couldn’t handle the flash format. Another issue we had was that downloads almost always failed on the first try, although they would download the second time around.

Palm Treo 755p Review
Palm Treo 755p Review
Palm Treo 755p Review

The Palm Desktop software is included in the package and handles PC Sync. Users can choose to sync their contacts and calendar either with the program itself, or if they are already running Outlook they have the option to sync data with it. The sync program also allows for users to install third party applications to the phone; users download them to their computer, and then next time the phone syncs they will be installed on the device. In addition to email, WirelessSync allows Verizon users to sync their calendar, contacts and tasks over the air.

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Palm Treo 755p

Palm Treo 755p

OS: Palm OS 5.4 (Garnet)
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PhoneArena rating:
Display320 x 320 pixels TFT
Camera1.3 megapixels
Single core, 312 MHz, Intel XScale processor
Size4.44 x 2.33 x 0.84 inches
(113 x 59 x 21 mm)
5.64 oz  (160 g)
Battery1600 mAh, 4.2 hours talk time

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