The 755p runs Palm OS, clocking in with version 5.4.9. It has not changed much over the years, and anyone who has ever used a Palm should feel comfortable picking up the 755p. In fact, users who have never used a PIM or smartphone before should be comfortable picking up the 755p too. As always, the Palm OS runs smooth and stable, and the layout couldn’t be more intuitive. Power users can find third party applications (both free and for a fee) that will allow them to do just about anything with their device. The beauty in Palm OS is that it is easy enough that new users won’t feel intimidated, yet it is powerful enough to be a true all-in-one unit.

That said, the OS is growing stale. The layout and basic functionality has not changed in nearly a decade. Features like a camera, web and multimedia players have been integrated since its initial inception, but the OS remains fundamentally unchanged. To be fair, the OS lends itself to seamless integration of new applications and features so functionality and ease-of-use remains without endless submenus. The OS is very customizable- the user has the ability to edit and create categories, as well as reassign any application to any category they see fit- but it lacks the personalization found with Windows Mobile. There are several color themes available, but they cannot be personalized. The user can only use a wallpaper in the phone screen, and that is at the expense of an on-screen dial pad. If Palm would incorporate a customizable home screen into the OS a-la Windows Mobile we feel it would do wonders for the aging OS.


The phonebook on the 755p is as robust as it comes. The user can store just about any piece of information they want with a contact and is limited only by available memory in the phone. You will find standards like multiple phone numbers and email address, photo caller ID and personalized ringtones onboard, and the user has room for multiple addresses, IM names, birthday and anniversary, 9 custom slots as well as a memo for each entry.

The contact list can be managed both from the device as well as from your computer using the included Palm Desktop software or Microsoft Outlook. Contacts can be beamed to other devices via either Infrared or Bluetooth, or can be sent by email.

For Sprint, Voice Control is the application that handles voice dialing. In addition to calling by either name or number, the user can also dictate emails, add calendar appointments, launch websites and check weather and stocks online all with their voice. There are no voice prompts like with VoiceSignal and it sometimes takes up to 30s to process a more complex command, but once you learn how to use it Voice Control is an excellent voice dictation program. This program is only free for the first 30 days, and after that the customer must purchase it.


As expected from a smartphone, the 755p features a full-featured calendar. As with the phonebook, it can be synchronized and managed with either Palm Desktop or Outlook, and users can add and edit events on the go as well. It is the same calendar application Palm has used for years, and appointments can be set as a one-time or recurring event. Reminders can be assigned at any time interval, and appointments can be filed under customizable categories and tagged with notes. They can also be set to private, meaning that the user can choose to hide the events in the event that someone gets a hold of the device.

The 755p includes other PIM features, such as a Memos, Calculator, Tasks and Voice Memo. These applications work exactly as one would expect them to. The user can store up to 100 minutes of voice memos, and the calculator features an advanced mode that not only offers features like a preload list of common constant numbers (Pi, Avogadro’s number, speed of light, etc) but also has several modes such as Trig, Finance, Statistics, Length and others. The World Clock features an alarm clock function, though that was not the first place we would have thought to look for an alarm.


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This is my 3rd Palm phone and for sure it will be my LAST ! I am on my 2nd 755p in 3 months and they are no good! I had a treo650 for 2years and had very little problems out of it . But the 755s are worthless the battery WILL NOT LAST 14 HRS unless you only use the PHONE for about 1 hrs worth of calls. I called PALM and they dont even care if you have problems or not. And if you have Alltel its even worse , they have LOCKED OUT picture messaging on palm phones but not other smartphones and they are capable of it !(sprint and verizons 755p DO) And when you are paying that extra money each month for the privilege of having a smartphone you should get ALL THE FEATURES WITH IT BUT YOU DONT AND CANT !! Web access is still extremely slow and times out frequently . If you start adding programs to it BEWARE the thing crashes all the time with all kinds of diff. apps. then you have the hassle of getting your money back from 3rd party vendors as well. ONLY GOOD THING THIS PHONE HAS IS THE CALENDAR ! Speaker sounds Horrible , Buttons dont work like they should , Crashes frequently (unless stock but who leaves them stock?) , Camera stinks , Bluetooth dont pick up devices 2inches away , BATTERY IS TERRIBLE (they tell you after you complain to buy a $70 extended battery. WHY) , AND ALLTEL LEAVES OTHER FEATURES LOCKED OUT COMPARED TO OTHER EQUAL CARRIERS !! STAY AWAY FROM THIS PHONE YOU WILL REGRET IT! PALM HAS GONE STRAIGHT DOWN THE DRAIN ! USED TO BE GREAT PRODUCTS BUT NO LONGER !!!!
Treo 755p
  • Display 320 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 1.3 MP
  • Battery 1600 mAh(4.20h talk time)

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