As a phone, the Palm Pre 2 is pretty good. Callers were pleased with how we sounded as were we with the quality and tone of their voice, though at times there is slight muffling.

Battery life is okay, lasting a comfortable day, which isn't too bad considering how connected the Palm Pre 2 ensures you stay. Quoted at 5.5 hours talk time and 18 days standby, our advice would be to charge it daily, or if you can, get a pebble for home and a pebble for work. They're a fantastic addition and make the battery seem like a non-issue as it's natural to put the Palm Pre 2 down on one.

Now onto speed and stability. Thus far, near enough everything about HP webOS 2.0 has been positive, and rightly so, but now we're in the performance section, we get to cover our biggest issue with the whole Palm Pre 2 experience - frozen screens. We're guessing this happens when the phone is pulling / pushing data online, which is understandable to a point, but what we don't like is how the Palm Pre 2 just stops every so often for a good 10 seconds, and then starts up either by itself, or after we lock/unlock it. If we were notified the freeze was due to syncing, we wouldn't have minded as much, but grinding to a halt for no clear reason is a pretty huge no-no. The irony is, the Palm Pre 2 will multi-task 10+ apps like a dream 98% of the time, so it's just a huge contrast when it stops. Another issue is stability - at times, the keyboard wouldn't register clicks and we had to soft reset the phone and at others, the screen wouldn't register touches when closed, and had to be opened and closed a couple of times in order to re-activate it. As things like this happened 5-10 times in the week we had the unit, they weren't enough to kill the experience, and wouldn't dissuade us from getting a Palm Pre 2 if we wanted a great, different OS to the mainstream and weren't hugely concerned about apps, however is certainly worth bearing in mind.


We like the Palm Pre 2 a lot, and while we aren't convinced it's going to be a market hit, would very much like it to be. It is a well sized, ergonomic handset with a great UI and an incredibly intuitive phonebook experience thanks to the Just Type functionality. It also offers enough fun to keep you entertained on a commute home and is very well connected. Our experience of it was let down by instability and a lack of apps that we use on a day to day basis, however, with fantastic onboard Facebook functionality it also has a huge advantage over competition such as Android. We can only hope that with future updates, the manufacturer will take care of those stability problems. If you're not sold on the Palm Pre 2 and want a similar form-factor just with a BlackBerry experience, the BlackBerry Torch is the most obvious alternative to the Palm Pre 2, while perhaps less obvious choices might be the HTC Desire Z running Android or the Dell Venue Pro with Windows Phone 7 on board, all of which have physical QWERTYs on a different OS.

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  • Easy to call / text / email quickly with Just Type
  • Superb at multi-tasking support and visualization
  • Fantastic Facebook app


  • Poor camera / camera options
  • Occasional stability issues
  • Limited app support

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Pre 2 GSM

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  • Display 3.1 inches 480 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 5 MP (Single camera)
  • Storage 16GB,
  • OS webOS 2.2

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