Oppo has graced the Find 5 with a 13 MP camera sensor from Sony, which, judging from the ability to shoot Full HD HDR video, is of the Exmor RS variety, that has HDR hardwired. The same sensor is present on the Xperia Z, and will likely be into a lot of flagships this year, so Oppo has gone with the flavor of the month here.

The camera interface is a bit plain, with just HDR (both for pictures and video) and face recognition switches, but no scene modes, exposure compensation, contrast or saturation sliders are present. The phone takes shots very quickly, and the burst mode allows up to a hundred frames in 20 seconds to be taken. There were issues with focusing at times on our cloudy day, which required us to tap on the object front and center beforehand.

There were white balance issues making the clouds seem purplish at times, but color representation is quite accurate. The level of detail and amount of noise are well balanced, and the objects in the frame come up overall well-focused and distinct. In light-dark parts of the frame the brighter section gets overexposed, as often happens, which can be fixed by shooting with the HDR mode on, and the performance is rather quick then, too.

Indoor shots are average, with a bunch of noise in the frame, but no white balance or focus issues, until we tone the lights down, and the colors become colder, with greenish overcast. The dual LED flash is not particularly strong for anything beyond 5 feet, and illuminates somewhat unevenly.

That HDR mode seems to be a godsend for video, too, especially during nighttime, when car and street lights halo is avoided, and the footage is much more distinct, whereas with normal mode the phone can't focus well. The camera focus actually always wanders a bit when panning around, but especially when shooting in insufficient lighting. The framerate also drops significantly then, down to 17fps at street lighting in the evening, while in daytime it manages 30fps without a hitch. Another downside of low-light video capture with the Oppo Find 5 is that the footage is unusually noisy when the light goes down.

Oppo Find 5 Full HD Sample Video:

Oppo Find 5 Full HD HDR Sample Video:

Oppo Find 5 Full HD Night Sample Video:

Oppo Find 5 Full HD HDR Night Sample Video:

Oppo Find 5 Indoor Sample Video:


The music player of the Oppo UI is somewhat barebones, only categorizing songs by the basics like albums, artists and playlists, but it does offer to display album art and lyrics, if available, and has a bunch of equalizer presets to choose from in the internal settings.

Oppo has licensed the Dirac HD audio technology for improving the sound reproduction from the handset, and indeed a huge difference can be noticed when you turn it on in headset mode – the sound becomes much stronger and cleaner, while for loudspeaker mode there is Dolby Mobile to make the unit perform way stronger and fuller than your typical smartphone speaker.

The video player is pretty basic in terms of interface, too, but quite functional, as it runs everything thrown at it, including MKV/DivX/Xvid files up to Full HD definitions, and with subtitles, if available.

As far as the picture gallery, it is grid-based, and you have the obligatory sharing options for the social networks. The rich editing app is integrated in the Gallery with the Oppo Find 5, letting you crop, resize, remove red eye, add color effects and annotate on the go.

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