Novatel USB551L 4G USB Modem for Verizon Review


As is the case with all of Verizon’s USB modems, you must first install the CD that includes the device drivers and VZAccess Manager software. This is a pretty painless process and is completed in only a few minutes. Once done, you can attach the Novatel USB551L modem to the PC and load the VZAccess Manager program, which will connect to Verizon’s network. Since we are in Ft Lauderdale Florida, we were connected to 4G, but the device is still backwards compatible with 3G EVDO and 1x.

First off, we used our web browser with the Novatel USB551L modem and went to the site and ran three tests using servers in South FL, which gave us an average download speeds of 9.95 Mbps, but it had a wide range of upload speeds from 2.99 to 8.14 Mbps, and ping times from 79 to 156 ms. We then downloaded a 112MB file from the Nvida web site, which took 4 minutes 10 seconds, at a rate of 454KB/sec, and also uploaded it to our FTP server, which took a flat 5 minutes. The web site took 15 seconds to fully load, as did most other graphically intensive sites.

For comparison, we used the LG VL600 modem that we had on hand, connected it to the same computer, and ran the same tests using the site, which gave us download speeds averaging 10.95 Mbps, more reliable uploads of 5.10 to 6.84 Mbps, and ping times from 89 to 153 ms. We then downloaded the same 112MB file from the Nvidia site as before, but this time it was 40 seconds faster at 3 minutes 30 seconds total, at a rate of 558KB/sec, and when we uploaded it to our FTP server it took the same amount of time. When going the web site in the browser, it only took 12 seconds to load, with most other graphically intensive sites taking under 14 seconds.

Based on all of our results, the LG VL600 continually outperformed the Novatel USB551L. For starters, the site showed downloads about 1Mbps faster using the VL600, and uploads were solids and did not fluxuate like on the USB551L. The 112MB file that we downloaded from Nvidia was 40 seconds faster when using the VL600, and it also took 90 seconds less to upload it to our FTP server. Large web sites also took 2-3 seconds less to load when using the VL600.


Since both the Novatel USB551L and LG VL600 modems work on Verizon’s 4G LTE network and carry the same $99.99 price with 2-year contract, we would suggest going with the LG VL600 based on the faster download and upload speeds that we got. The Novatel USB551L isn’t bad, but for some reason it isn’t as fast as the LG VL600 on the same tests that we did here. Regardless, we would still suggest that you before you purchase either one, that you take your laptop to a Verizon store and try both of them out while connected to your PC and see if there is any noticeable speed difference in your area – as 4G LTE speeds can vary based on area terrain.

Novatel USB551L 4G USB Modem for Verizon Video Review:


  • Small and easy to use
  • Handy extension cable and laptop clip


  • Not quite as fast as the LG VL600

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