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Novatel MiFi 3G/4G 4082 for Sprint Review

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Performance and Conclusion:

Novatel MiFi 3G/4G 4082 for Sprint Review
Performance on Sprint’s 4G WiMax network was on par with our past experiences.  In our testing it averaged just over 7mbps down and just under 1mbps up with an average ping of 129ms. These results are slightly better overall than we got with the Sierra U250 when we did our 4G comparison. Novatel claims that you can get 4 hours of usage with the MiFi 3G/4G thanks to the larger battery, but heavy users will probably want to pack the charger or pick up an extra battery.

So this new MiFi is faster, prettier, has a bigger battery and is more functional, what’s not to like?  Despite the overhaul, the MiFi 3G/4G still doesn’t stack up to the Sierra Overdrive.  The Overdrive has a bigger, more functional LCD and the Overdrive has longer battery life.  The MiFi 3G/4G launched April 6 at $79.99 on a two year contract, but two weeks before that Sierra released the Overdrive Pro, a faster, smaller and more functional Overdrive.  This new Overdrive offers a bigger display that displays more info than its predecessor, boots 35% faster and allows up to eight simultaneous connections.  Plus, Sierra has an optional docking station available for the Pro that will boost reception by 50%. All this, and the Overdrive Pro comes in at just $49.99 on contract.

The Novatel MiFi 3G/4G 4082 is a fine device, and addresses all of the shortcomings of the MiFi 2200.  Unfortunately for Novatel, it is too little, too late as they’ve been outdone by Sierra’s Overdrive lineup.  The MiFi literally has nothing to fight the Overdrive Pro with; the Sierra offering out-specs and out performs the MiFi in every imaginable category and comes in $30 cheaper.  You won’t be disappointed by the MiFi 3G/4G, but in our opinion we don’t see why you’d pick it over the Overdrive Pro in the first place.

Novatel MiFi 3G/4G 4082 for Sprint Video Review:


  • 4G connectivity
  • microSD slot for network storage


  • LCD has limited functionality
  • Battery could be better
  • It was already outdone by the competition before it launched
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