Nokia X7 Review

The Nokia X7 is one of the front-runners of Symbian Anna, a major overhaul bringing portrait QWERTY input, improved browser and a refreshed design to the Symbian^3 platform. But the X7 is also a media centric device with a premium feel and a 4-inch AMOLED screen…
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31. xy unregistered

I read the review and thought to myself: wow, this review is really giving the X7 a fair break. Having used the device I would have criticized it much more harshly. I have mainly used Symbian phones from year 2002 and only switched away from them last year when it became clear that Symbian simply wasn't going to survive against Android and iOS. Then I read the comments and didn't know if I should laugh or cry. You people honestly think the reviewer is biased AGAINST Nokia when he is clearly illustrating all the undeniable problems with the device and still finding many positive things to say? The fact of the matter is that in its current state the X7, or any other Symbian phone for that matter, has absolutely no benefits when compared to a similarly priced Android device. Symbian is outdated in every way: the browser in Anna is still horrible, the interface and menus are convoluted and illogically arranged, there are stutters, monents of unresponsiveness and even crashes all the time etc. etc. The hardware is similarly outdated: the CPU is slow, display resolution is sub par, even the EDOF camera is only ok. In the end users don't care about the operating system or the specs. They care about what they can do with their phone. With a 400 - 500 € Android device they can make calls, send texts and e-mails, browse the web, play games, take pictures and video, browse maps etc. etc. just as well, an in many ways much more easily, than on a Symbian phone. What reason does a buyer have to choose a Nokia over any similarly priced Android phone? Besides the free navigation, absolutely none. Especially when it is clear that new apps for Symbian will not be developed. It is a dead platform still taking a few steps before disappearing into oblivion.

32. DarkLord unregistered

Where did u get that price tag?? In India, the phone is launced at Rs.22k.. thats sub 450$.... o.O

34. AAA unregistered

Well, one of the cons listed was the price. Is it more expensive in Western countries? X7 is retailing for MYR1,360 in Malaysia, around USD455. That's Nokia Authorized Center's price, it's MYR100 cheaper in regular handphone shops. The Samsung Galaxy S 2 is going for MYR2099. So is SE Xperia Arc. Blackberry Torch, which is often compared to Nokia E6, MYR1,999. Whenever all the sales people & review sites rage on the great benefits of Andriod phones & how Symbian is inferior, I'll be asking/thinking "How much?" .....For $700 to $900 more, of course Android is better,lol. True, end users dont care that much on specs. My 1st Nokia phone lasted 7 to 8 years. 2nd= 5 years, while my Samsung, konked out by 2nd year. So,in my part of the world, a 5 for a device costing $500 less, a tad harsh.

36. canuck phone user unregistered

I feel bad for you all cross the pond. I only had to pay $299 (£184) for my x7 on pay as you go here in canada. For this pricetag, it is a pretty sweet phone. Getting a 5 is pretty harsh, but it is the reviewers opinion, you dont have to read it. As for me, i have had a iphone, iphone 3gs, samsung spica, htc legend, a lg optimus and numerous other phones before and they each had their benefits and flaws. The iphones are good gadgets, but there are way too many 'protections and restrictions' on its media usage. I felt like a cash cow constantly feeding money to it. Come seriously, you have to pay to upgrade the ios so your apps would work properly. ANDROID, love it. However, the phones tend to bring down really easy. Symbian

37. so expensive low-end phone unregistered

eeeww, so expensive low-end phone!

38. doniraf unregistered

despite the poor ovi collections of apps, this phone is awesome! brilliant design, nice material, perfectly built.

39. butthead2001 unregistered

i bought this phone coz its only 30 bucks with a 2 yr plan (no data) very cheap and for the Free gps...anything else that comes with it is extra and I am impress....sometimes its not just the faster processor that wins....if u want free gps turn by turn...try it...u might like it. saves $$$ too. 5 out of 10 is quite bad ...i think this guy likes to compare phones rather than look at the features...oh well.. another la di da.

40. nagendra unregistered

Prize kati ho ne

41. kanika unregistered

good services provded by nokia

44. anraghfrank

Posts: 1; Member since: Mar 02, 2012

Yea ryt. These people are used to iOS and Android so they think Symbian is crap. X7 is one of the best. Also u can get rid of Anna and get Belle now. And blaming the 657mhz...then go buy a laptop and solve the issue. X7 is darn nice and awsome. I'd recomnd to buy it.

45. hqsoft

Posts: 1; Member since: Mar 08, 2012

I'm a developer and now the X7 with Belle is the best for me. The Symbian can do more with lower hardware resources than Android can do. Because Andriod just an emulator running on linux.

46. kastor

Posts: 43; Member since: Jan 15, 2012

this is perfect phone coz of it made of metal

47. aangakrom

Posts: 1; Member since: Jul 01, 2012

hello. would you like to buy my x7 IDR 1.500.000 contact my email or call 083821299259
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