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Nokia X2 Review

Nokia X2

Posted: , by Basil K.



Running Series 40 can be a blessing or a curse depending on who you are. For total tech-heads, it will unlikely suffice, however If you're looking for simplicity on the go with some email and basic web-browsing, Series 40 isn't a bad option at all. More to the point, Series 40 on the X2 isn't a bad option as the classic form-factor works well with the simple interface. As we have looked closely at the interface in past reviews (see Nokia 7230 review), we will look at key things only.

The home-screen is customizable with some live widgets that display time, calendar info, radio/mp3 player status or other items of your choice. There is also a horizontal shortcut bar along the bottom with customizable links to functions like alarms, facebook, messaging etc. You can customize the home-screen pretty extensively, adding or removing elements and even changing the font colour.

The interface of the Nokia X2 - Nokia X2 Review
The interface of the Nokia X2 - Nokia X2 Review
The interface of the Nokia X2 - Nokia X2 Review

The interface of the Nokia X2

As for the core functions, they are all standard to Series 40 and won't be delved into here, however, suffice to say, we found the various functions such as organizer and call log to work reliably well with no device specific pit-falls in sight.

Camera and Multimedia:

While the Nokia X2 is one of the lowest priced 5MP camera phones on the market, it still comes with the added advantage of an LED flash, even if it does lack autofocus. Outdoor images captured on the X2's camera were promising, with good levels of contrast and saturation. As you can see in the image of the apple on the ground for example, the results were a hopeful indication of how the camera as a whole would perform. When it comes to indoor shots however, as with most camera-phones, the X2 starts to waver. Noise is a real issue, especially with background objects and blocks of dark colour. While the LED flash is bright and works well in illuminating nearby subjects it lacks the power to fill up large groups or whole rooms effectively as you can see from the samples taken.

Camera interface - Nokia X2 Review
Camera interface - Nokia X2 Review
Camera interface - Nokia X2 Review

Camera interface

Gallery - Nokia X2 Review
Gallery - Nokia X2 Review


Outdoor samples shot with the Nokia X2 - Nokia X2 Review
Outdoor samples shot with the Nokia X2 - Nokia X2 Review
Outdoor samples shot with the Nokia X2 - Nokia X2 Review
Outdoor samples shot with the Nokia X2 - Nokia X2 Review
Outdoor samples shot with the Nokia X2 - Nokia X2 Review
Outdoor samples shot with the Nokia X2 - Nokia X2 Review
Outdoor samples shot with the Nokia X2 - Nokia X2 Review
Outdoor samples shot with the Nokia X2 - Nokia X2 Review

Outdoor samples shot with the Nokia X2

Strong - Indoor samples - Nokia X2 Review
Medium - Indoor samples - Nokia X2 Review
Low light - Indoor samples - Nokia X2 Review
Darkness with flash - Indoor samples - Nokia X2 Review



Low light

Darkness with flash

Indoor samples

The Nokia X2's camera has another issue - processing time. While the camera doesn't slow-down when taking a shot, with everything being pretty instantaneous, once the picture is taken, it takes about 25 seconds for the image to process in the background. During this time, you can take other snaps, however, can't edit or even delete the picture you just took which can be frustrating.

Videos can be captured at 320x240 or 176x144, both at 15fps. Videos can be comfortably played back on the phone, however, exporting them to a PC shows up the poor frame-rate and resolution.

The music experience on the Nokia X2 is rather good. It ships with a pair of Nokia's ear-buds, and these are indeed better than the standard headphones that ship with most Nokia handsets, however, coupling the on-board 3.5mm headphone jack with a better pair of headphones pays dividends. With slightly tinnier sound than our dedicated MP3 player, audio playback quality is nevertheless good for a handset of this price range.

Nokia X2 Review
Nokia X2 Review

The stereo speakers were loud and the sound carried, however it was sharp, and not too pleasant, especially at higher volumes. Clarity was good however when using the Nokia X2 as a loudspeaker.

Connectivity and Data:

The Nokia X2 is extremely run of the mill when it comes to connecting it to the rest of the world, with EDGE, quad-band GSM and Bluetooth 2.1 being the extent of connectivity options. As there's no 3G or Wi-Fi, there's no way to speed through the web on the phone, rendering the whole experience slow compared with other handsets. Getting a constant signal for browsing also proved unreliable, so if staying connected on command is vital, the Nokia X2 isn't for you. For standard communication functions such as texting and calls however, it proved very capable.


Out of the box, the Nokia X2 has Ovi Sync to get your contacts on-board without too much trouble if you're subscribed to the service. Email incorporates Nokia's Series 40 messaging system which provides quick access to major email clients such as Yahoo!, Windows Live and Gmail. Other email addresses are supported but may require additional information. While no 3G or Wi-Fi renders browsing slow, the Nokia X2 does ship with Opera Mini, so when pages do load, they are displayed well. In addition, there are Facebook, YouTube and Flickr apps that come pre-loaded.

Nokia X2 Review
Nokia X2 Review
Nokia X2 Review
Email - Nokia X2 Review


Surfing the web - Nokia X2 Review
Surfing the web - Nokia X2 Review
Surfing the web - Nokia X2 Review

Surfing the web

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. Nokia x2 user (unregistered)

I have this phone and i am satisfied with it so far...but... like every other phone it has some thumbs down (besides what you just pointed): -radio still plays on speaker even when I connect earphones -no volume control whit its headphones (didn't try whit others) And I have a question tough: What is whit all that software on the memory card (and it's also tells me that the file's are not supported) and I meant imgcache, nokia_ovi_suit... ?

posted on 01 Oct 2010, 08:33

2. Zorin (Posts: 152; Member since: 26 Jul 2010)

Wish VZW would have a fun, phone like this. Battery life on the X2 is good for this kind of phone. Quoted at 13.5 hours of talk time, 619 hours (26 days) of stand-by time, We found that it needed to be charged every 3-5 days with medium use, a fair bit of music playback and not much browsing or emailing.

posted on 06 Oct 2010, 21:44

6. newAvi (unregistered)

Whether Ovi Maps can be installed on Nokia X2?

posted on 13 Oct 2010, 20:38

7. mk (unregistered)

No 3G / Wi-Fi because it's cheap !!! OMG. what a bad review.

posted on 26 Oct 2010, 17:39

8. Robindar Nath (unregistered)

It seems like there is a huge difference in build quality by region. This phone was a disaster for Nokia in Asia. The battery lasted hardly one day, max talk time was 3 to 4 hours, it took 4 full hours to charge, a greenish spot at the centre of viewfinder. I bought this phone and sold it back in 15 days.

posted on 22 Dec 2010, 20:38

9. zamizai (unregistered)

good day! I was wondering if I could save messages in folders with this phone? is it capable to create subfolders?can the font size be reduced to small fonts? coz my nokia 6303i can't, plus the font is too big.

posted on 25 Feb 2011, 13:53

10. Natanyle (unregistered)

I was wondering if I will be charged a data plan plan if I use this phone. I'm with at&t and I've heard they automatically charge you if you use a smartphone, though because this isn't your typical smartphone(small screen, candy bar) I was wondering if they still do. Thanks

posted on 11 Mar 2011, 09:44

11. avinashchander (unregistered)

i have nokia x2 and i am satisfied but it has some shortcomings too........... battery backup is not good...........its lasts only 1 or 1 and half day. some time it hanged and switched off automatically.
but i bought it for picture quality which so good......... all in all not bad choice to buy in such a small amount

posted on 17 Apr 2011, 04:20

12. maneesha (unregistered)

Its seems to be more nice phone with its technical reviews than sony ericsson zylo, im gonna buy it

posted on 19 Apr 2011, 17:34

13. atif (unregistered)

nokia x-2 is one of the biggest flop from nokia in Asia. i have purchased a brand new nokia x-2 and i am very much disappointed with its performance the company on its official website said that it has a 13 hours talktime and 6 hours of music play back but it is not even giving a back up of 2 hours talktime,, camera too is not that good it is not 5 megapixel the company is cheating its customer so never buy a nokia x-2 am not against all nokia phones i like other models but x-2 is a failure

posted on 31 May 2011, 23:55

14. nokia x2 (unregistered)

hai in this nokia x2 does it have big font size and sms big

posted on 04 Jun 2011, 00:02

15. ROSE81 (unregistered)

I have this phone i'm quiet satisfied with it . the only thing i cant't add the picture to the contact

posted on 21 Jun 2011, 04:10

16. lalitha (unregistered)

I'm using nokia x2 from past 7mnths. It is good. Camera is not 5mp.but it has better quality for its price. It will be arround 4mp i think. But good quality.
Regarding backup it will come 2 days for me.

posted on 22 Jul 2011, 03:09

17. mallik (unregistered)

the details are not good

posted on 12 Aug 2011, 06:27

18. suraj van (unregistered)

Hi i am stasified with x2 only probelm is battery back up & its camera is not look like 5mp

posted on 06 Sep 2011, 13:13

19. gopal (unregistered)

resolation is vry good

posted on 15 Sep 2011, 07:33

20. Kishor (unregistered)

I am purchese brand new x2 b4 2month.I faced more problem in this model 1- this phons 5mgp camera quality not good picture quality is not more than 2.5 mpg 2- batry backup is not more than 3 to 4hour 3-after 3 hour batry is eull charging but discharged is very fast 4- no any other companys mcard acepet only branded companys card acept in phone and many times phone is hanged on there for pl dont purchese x2.Nokia is frod company.f**k the company owner.

posted on 29 Sep 2011, 07:26

21. Radojka Zupancic (unregistered)

I'm very disappointed because of Nokia X2. ...camera quality is really bad.......
I bought it one month ago. That was a big mistake :((

posted on 01 Oct 2011, 02:46

22. Radojka Zupancic (unregistered)

After only one month I had to get my X2 repaired. The camera didn't save my photos. The people at the nokia repair centre said: your X2 is not a camera, it's a mobile phone! :-S

posted on 10 Oct 2011, 02:16

23. Sudd (unregistered)

Battery backup,camera are litrely very bad.......i ll personally advise not to buy this phone......

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Display2.2 inches, 240 x 320 pixels (182 ppi) TFT
Camera5 megapixels
Size4.37 x 1.85 x 0.52 inches
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2.89 oz  (82 g)
Battery860 mAh, 13.5 hours talk time

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