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Nokia Wireless Keyboard SU-8W Review

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Functionality & Performance:

To be able to use the keyboard you need to install Wireless Keyboard application on your Nokia smartphone. You can download it from the manufacturer’s support in Internet and after installing it, you can proceed to connecting the two devices. It is easy and does not differ from connecting to the Bluetooth headset and will hardly be difficult for you. If your phone is RS-MMC or MMC cards compatible, you can use the software coming with the 32 MB RS-MMC card.

As soon as switched on, the keyboard is ready for pairing with the phone. If before that it had been connected to another device, you have to disconnect it so that you can pair it with the new one. Another possibility is to erase all settings which you can do by pressing the menu and the messaging keys simultaneously and hold them for about 10 seconds.

Once connected to the phone the keyboard provides a possibility for you to control it using the arrows for navigating. In this way the inconvenient moving of the hands from the phone to the keyboard and back is avoided, and to make it even easier for you, Nokia have superscripted in blue all control related keys.

We tested the keyboard operation using Nokia 5700 XpressMusic, and the whole process from pairing to the actual writing and phone control passed without any problems. We have no remarks in this respect.

Nokia Wireless Keyboard SU-8W Review
The convenience of writing is not much different from writing on a standard-size keyboard, yet you’ll need some time to get used to it. The keys are of the small travel type and resemble those of mobile computers very much. If you have got used to working on a notebook, it will be very easy for you to use SU-8W.

When you fold the keyboard or leave it unused for 10 min., it will automatically switch off thus saving its batteries to increase the operating time. It would be a good solution if the keyboard switched on directly by opening it, without having to press the on/off button. The manufacturers promise that the keyboard will be operational for up to 50 hours with the batteries set (2 standard LR03 – AAA batteries).

We could connect SU-8W to a computer running on Windows XP operating system where the left and right selection keys are recognized as Win buttons and the message key opens the mail client. The remaining keys are with normal functionality where the middle selection key and the menu key are inactive.

Satisfied with our success in connecting to a computer, we tried to pair SU-8W and with a Pocket PC, too, operating under Windows Mobile 6, but unfortunately all of our attempts turned unsuccessful.


Regardless of the fact that there are a number of devices with inbuilt QWERTY keyboard, you will certainly not find another one offering the same writing convenience as the model under review. If you often have to write messages or reply to received e-mails, using your Nokia smartphone, you will probably be interested in Nokia Wireless Keyboard SU-8W.

This is an excellent solution which will save you from the sometimes annoying work on your phone keyboard.



  • Compact size for full-sized keyboard
  • Runs on standard AA batteries


  • It will fold if not put on a hard and even surface

  • Options

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