Now comes the juiciest part, the performance changes. Performance was quick, very quick actually, thanks to the bump in memory from 64MB to 128MB. The ROM size and the processor have not been changed however and the only time a slowdown was noticed is when switching the interface to landscape.

Sound quality is excellent on all levels as both parties came through clear and without distortion. Reception is right up there with sound as we managed to get signal almost everywhere, even in places where it would seem like nothing could get through.

With the increased battery size, its life should last longer and it does depending which way it is used. On a GSM network, we managed to get 6 hours and 50 minutes talk-time. If you’re on a UMTS/HSDPA network, expect less talk-time as they are hungrier networks. With heavy use of applications, don’t expect more than a full day’s use out of this handset but when used sparingly, it seems to take several days to drain the battery.


So, the N95 US is the N95 that we have been waiting for. Not only does the great functionality and feature set still exist but the larger battery size and support for our 3G network make it a real winner. It’s not a handset for everyone, however, as its primary role is to combine the most useful features into one small, neat package. It brings together a great camera, GPS, messenger, web browser, media player, and telephone all into a fairly small handset. If you’re just looking for a nice handset to talk, look elsewhere as this may be a too complex and pricey of one.


  • 3G for the US
  • Just as functional as the N95
  • Longer battery life


  • Feels too flimsy and cheap for the price

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