The phone can use applicationsbased both on the Java platform and Symbian S60, which provides wide3rd party software compatibility.Installation is a piece of cake, while additional programs increase the phone's capabilities and it can be personalized tobetter suit you. The phone comes with several applications, as well asa 3D Racing game which unfortunately is a demo. 3D Snakes is alsopresent.

The Video Centreapplication allows you to view On-line videos. You could use it towatch videos from YouTube (Watch on Mobile) and some particular videofiles from Reuters. After you preview the available video files youdecide whether you’ll stream them (YouTube) or download them (Reuters),in order to view them on your phone.

The internal memory of the device is upgraded to the enviable 160 MB. This is huge improvement compared to the N73, which has about 4 times less (43MB). UnlikeN73, N95 uses a microSD card instead of a miniSD. This is a positivechange, since its physical size is smaller, but the negative aspect isthat the memory size (GB) of the microSD standard is also smaller (currently it offers up to 2GB in one card). The slot islocated in the lower left side, hidden behind the protective cover, butnevertheless it is easily accessible and the hot-swap allows you to replace it with the phone turned on.

Apart from everything else,Nokia N95 is equipped also with a GPS chip, used for navigation via theMaps software, which comes with the phone, or another one, which youcan install latter. Our remark is that probably the best chipset onthe market, Sirf Star III, is not used here. Although our tests showedthat the signal reception is almost identical, N95 worked much slowerthan a device equipped with SirfStar GPS. For example, in case ofhot-restart, which means starting the GPS in a place, close to alocation, where it has already found its position, N95 took 30 secondsto find its position, while with SirfStar III this takes 3-4 seconds,or almost 10 times quicker.

Another inconvenience, which is rathera matter of software, is that after a cold start and pressing GPSPosition, the phone searches for satellites for a while and then stopson its own accord, without giving you notice of this. You have to pressagain GPS Position and it starts searching again before acquiringposition in the end.

Seconds it takes to acquire location: *lower is better

Holux GPSlim 236

Nokia N95


in seconds

in seconds



New location within 2 miles from the previous



Hot restart; Same location with a lot of buildings



Hot restart within 2 miles with no obstacles



Inside building test 1



Inside building test 2



Inside building test 3



Inside building test 4



Inside building test 5



Test 1; inside building new location within 2 miles from previous



Test 2; inside building new location within 2 miles from previous



Test 3; inside building new location within 2 miles from previous



Test 4; inside building new location within 2 miles from previous



Hot restart closed

The Nokia software is based on smart2go and ithas versions both for Symbian S60 phones and for Windows Mobile PocketPCs. This full-features software allows both localizing and routeplanning and searching for Points of Interest. All maps for the 150supported countries are free, while only turn-by-turn directions and extended Point of Interest information called City Guides are paid. TheTurn by Turn navigation is purchased only once, while you can orderCity Guides for different cities.

If you decide to purchase theextras, you can do that directly from you phone. Using the Internetconnection, you can view (after you have searched for them) maps ofplaces, which are not saved on your phone’s memory. Actually, N95 worksautonomously in offline mode, but Nokia recommends that you have anInternet connection, so that the software can download the routewhenever it decides to do so.

If for example you go to Dallas, TX and you didn't pre-install Texas map, the N95 will connect via an available data connection and will download only the area where you are traveling in Dallas and not Houston, El Paso etc. This way you only download what you need, and not the full Texas map which could be larger and would take time to download.

After calculating the ‘route’ frompoint A to point B, the software will show you a text, telling youwhere and when to take a turn. You can see the Route graphically on themap for better orientation and if you have bought the Turn by Turnnavigation, it will localize you and will tell you when to take a turn.There is an option for voice navigation, which, thanks to the goodspeakers, is easy to understand and is heard well.



1. Pritam unregistered

camera looks pretty terrible. the autofocus seems to have trouble after a certain range, must not have a good aperature. my a800 takes better pics

2. n95fan unregistered

I guess your A800 does not have a phone in it?

3. Haroharo unregistered

what a joke! if you think an a800 takes better pictures then maybe you should take an eyesight test. The only major flaw with the N95s camera is the magenta tint and oversharpened detail. These can be fixed by firmware updates.

4. naveen unregistered

very good

5. Dacapo unregistered

N95 definitely the best of the best. The device got everything that a normal person to a hightech junkies wants; wifi + flawless internet browser, infrared+bluetooth connection, high-end camera, Mp3 & multimedia player, 3G connection & GPS reciever... Its only drawback for most people (including me) is the pocket-emptying price..!

6. unregistered

about 1/3 of these are coming back faulty, can be anything from battery life, software faults, loose slides or even buttons not working. on the ones that do work the battery life makes the N80 look good. oh and the GPS is rubbish.

7. MSANTOS unregistered

N95 nokia for my opinion is not as good as N73 because my N95 always hang and it needs to charged everyday. The service center here in Riyadh told me that they always repair N95 because of its battery life and ic connection. Please Nokia company, do action now and see the problems.

8. Fernando unregistered

who ever took those pics with N95 dont know how to take pics. Horrible.

9. folen_angel unregistered

I am a former N80 owner and I've got nokia n95 for more than a week now, and i really love its performance, from the 5 megapixel camera, stereo speakers, GPS, WiFi, UMTS, dvd quality video, largest nokia screen( though lower resolution compared to N90 and N80 )etc... It's battery is lasting for about a day and a half under rigorous usage, and even longer when it is just in its standby mode. every possible connection is now a reality- from stereo speakers, to your laptop/desktop, and now, to your TV. Can anyone handle that? So stop comparing it to k800, N73 or even N93i because it's far better. To those people criticizing the phone, maybe the phone is too good or too expensive for you. But if the money is not an issue, Nokia N95 is a clear choice or rather the perfect mobile phone for you!

10. Laurio Vincent unregistered

Nokia N95 Review I've been using the N95 for a few days now. This is one hell of a cell phone. I did read a few reviews before buying the N95, obviously since it costs so damn much. A lot of people complained about the poor battery life and the slider being a bit wobbly. My friend's got an N95 and I got the N95, but both the phones have very firm sliders, even when closed, unlike the Nokia 6270 which does wobble a bit when the slider is closed. About the battery life, i think it is not as bad as others say it is. On my 1st day, the use obviously being pretty heavy since you try all the stuff in the handset, the battery lasted about a day. I think the screen brightness has something to do with it. If you reduce the screen brightness a bit, like I did, the battery will work longer. PRO'S: Excellent Camera, pretty good pics even in low light conditions. Normally with my N70, pics taken in low light environments have a lot of purple spots all over it. But these purple spots are almost invisible with the N95 in similar conditions. The cam has several options to enhance picture quality before take the picture itself. You can adjust the sharpness, contrast, light exposure, and many more and create a user defined profile for the cam. The video quality is excellent, but take a awesome amount of memory at highest settings. Good thing though, you can set you cam to take pics at 5MP, 3MP, 2MP, 0.8MP and 0.3MP and videos in VGA at 30 fps or 15fps, QVGA at 30 fps or 15fps, and QCIF at 15fps(3gp format). The screen in nice and big with a very clear and colourful display. However you may want to reduce the screen brightness a bit and keep the backlight timeout to about 15 secs if you want to increase the battery life. You can push it to the max if you don't care about battery life. The 2 loud speakers give an excellent sound output, much better and louder than my N70. The music player too has several options like equaliser, graphic visualizations, stereo widening, bass enhancer, etc. The earphones supplied give a good sound output but the bass effect is not as good as I expected it. However that's not a problem since you can plug in your personal earphones of any make or model that have a 3.5mm pin and listen to music the way you like it. The remote on the earphone adaptor looks very sleek too. I don't really need the GPS facility in the phone and have not been able to try it out as not supported by my network currently and i haven't visited the areas supporting wi-fi either. It's a plus point for those who need it though. The software response is pretty fast, compared to my N70 which is quite slow. It has a bearable time lag while opening applications, gallery, etc. It's too early to judge it right now since my 1GB card is only about 400mb full. The phone is loaded up with a lot of extra softwares which will spice up your cell. One impressive feature included in the web browser is multi-window option which i didn't have in my N70. This makes surfing a lot more fun and convenient. One thing I was very happy about is that the phone came with a 1GB card with it, even though the Nokia-Asia website shows the in-box having only a 128mb card(which i was very disappointed to hear at first). it also comes with a very classy leather cover, which is normally not included in in-box accessories. A car charger would have been great, if included[I know I'm asking for too much now:-)] Cons: Battery life, though not too big an issue, could have been better. Application Manager takes quite long to open, even though i hardly put any external softwares. The good thing is that software can be uninstalled from the main menu itself. Everytime i restart my phone, i don't get delivery reports for the first 10-15 minutes when i send text messages even though the settings show delivery reports ON. I have to wait about 15 minutes after starting it and it works after that automatically. The body of the handset looks a bit poor in quality considering the cost of the phone. Lets see how long it can go. If you put external themes that slows the cell a bit, the softwares(NOT THE PHONE) hang sometimes. Exiting it by holding the Menu key down and pressing the cancel button (c) takes very long. Very Pricey, but worth every buck you pay. Overall, in my opinion, if you got the cash...go for it!!!
  • Display 2.6" 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 5 MP
  • Storage 0.16 GB
  • Battery 950 mAh(2.66h 3G talk time)

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