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Nokia N82 Review

Nokia N82 9.5

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Nokia N82 is using Symbian v9.2 Operating System and S60 Interface 3rd edition with Feature Pack 1, which is what other contemporary smartphones of the brand use (N95 8GB, N81 (8GB) ).

The banner at the top of the homescreen houses all the service information. Just below these is a row of 6 shortcuts which can be personalized to suit you best and the rest of the display is used for “notifications”. This is where missed calls, upcoming tasks (or To-Do in the calendar), received messages are displayed, as well as the music player status (the song that’s played at the moment). Shortcut to a global Search, that will seek in the whole phone's memory, which we find very handy is situated here also. Located at the bottom of the screen are the two software buttons which can also be personalized from the Settings menu.

Homescreen - Nokia N82 Review
Main menu in Grid view - Nokia N82 Review
Main menu in List View - Nokia N82 Review
Nokia N82 Review


Main menu in Grid view

Main menu in List View


The main menu can be viewed as a 3x4 grid of icons that can also be displayed as a list (it’s chosen directly from the main menu), but the icons are not animated in both cases. The numeric keypad buttons can be used as shortcuts. Like other Symbian phones, you can rearrange the icons in the menu and move links in folders.

A nice extra of the Symbian v9.2 is that each application which is active has a small circle next to its icon in the menu. For example, if you left any application running in the background, then in the main menu next to "Applications" link an indication would appear. As all other Symbian S60 phones, you can see the running applications by holding the Menu key, and shut some of them off by selecting them and using the C key.

The menu can be personalized by using themes, and if you combine various screensavers and personalized homescreens, two identical phones can look quite different. The operating system definitely provides many good personalization options.

Nokia N82 has a sensor for the orientation of the device, which is used to control the interface. Once you rotate the phone it should go into landscape mode, however, this isn’t the most adequate one we’ve seen. Often, you’ll have to shake the phone, in order the changes to take effect.


Searching a contact - Nokia N82 Review
Searching a contact - Nokia N82 Review

Searching a contact

Every phone should have a good system for managing the contacts. The phonebook of Symbian S60 phones is one of the best on the market. All the contacts are displayed as a list and if there is a picture ID, it can be seen in the top left corner of the screen as a thumbnail with a very small size. It’s that small also when you have an incoming call and that’s why we find this feature useless. When searching it makes no difference if you input first or last name for the system to look for since the results you get include them both also.

When adding a new contact you are provided with the “basic” fields, but with the “Add Detail” function you have almost no restrictions on the number of fields and you can add a lot of phone numbers.

We also like having the option for adding a given field several times and in that manner for example we are able to record the numbers of three phones each one with a status “Mobile”.

When editing a contact, only the used fields are shown, but if you select the“Add Detail” you will find more.

The phone has a set of voice commands – they are speaker independent and you don’t have to “train” every command, something that can save you a lot of precious time. By holding the right soft key, the “recognizer” turns on and you can say a name (from the phonebook) to be dialed. Names like “Father”, “Brother”, “test”, “John” and “Neo” were no problem, but we had no success with others like “Amy” for example.

Adding a contact - Nokia N82 Review
Adding a contact - Nokia N82 Review
Adding a contact - Nokia N82 Review
Using voice commands - Adding a contact - Nokia N82 Review

Using voice commands

Adding a contact

The commands can activate various programs or perform different functions, like “New SMS” for example, but a list with different capabilities must be added to the menu as not all of them are added by default so that they’re easier to recognize with any speaker – thus by adding only the ones you need, you can achieve best possible accuracy without the annoying training. Аnd it works, the voice commands were very accurate and we rarely experienced mistakes when launching applications.

A voice recorder is present in the OS as well. A single voice note can last 1 hour maximum but the amount of recording depends on the free memory. In that way the smartphone can replace your recorder without needing third party software.


The Organizer tools are in a folder called “Applications” in the main menu. The calendar can be viewed by month or week and of course, you can easily add events (Meeting, Memo, Anniversary, To-do) with options for alarm, to a particular day with a few clicks. To-Do notes are also displayed on the homescreen if you have set the active standby in such way.

Calendar and Notes - Nokia N82 Review
Calendar and Notes - Nokia N82 Review
Calendar and Notes - Nokia N82 Review
Converter - Calendar and Notes - Nokia N82 Review


Calendar and Notes

Notes are what their name says - just annotations with no option for adding an alarm. The Converter works with various quantities (length, mass, etc.) and the calculator is very simple and is not a scientific one, which would suit a smartphone.

Alarms - Nokia N82 Review


File manager - Nokia N82 Review

File manager

In the Clock menu, you will find the alarms. In Symbian 9.2 you can add as many alarms as you wish and for each one you could choose whether it should repeat (daily, weekly, or workdays). This is excellent and there is no stupid limitation in the number of the alarms like with other devices, even smartphones.

The World Clock is also located in this menu and you can add various cities that you’d like to view – that's very convenient and saves a lot of time compared to the standard way with “moving across the world map". You can easily review given cities, which you are interested in without having to go through all the cities each time.

The File manager allows you to browse the content stored on the phone and the memory card. Files can be copied or moved from one destination to another.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. jigs (unregistered)

hi.. i think this one gud fone..which balances wrk n play.. gives u all the features u carve for.. ..how evr i wait for the black edition which is expected in feb.. 1 thing is for sure..this phone..is a upgrade to n73...n a vry gud upgrade.. A BUY U WILL NEVER EVR REGRET..

posted on 30 Dec 2007, 20:29

2. Persia (unregistered)

About this phone I have to say that It is just perfect at all :D

posted on 28 Feb 2008, 06:45

3. Rupansh (unregistered)

what is expandable memory limit

posted on 06 Apr 2008, 08:47

4. N82 user (unregistered)

Lucky you for having found this. Pay attention as this is the real deal as I have an N82 and don’t work for Nokia yada, yada. Sorry though, I’m going to try not to write the very long review this device requires. Mainly going to focus on the negatives that nobody else will tell you to save your having to buy one to find this stuff out. Problem number one: the user manual is too short by tenfold. Tenfold. At least. And often you only get something like: “Blue Water Widget Mode: enables blue water widget mode”. Sure. Over half your N82 usage knowledge will be from trail and error and educated guessing. No page or jump scrolling button function (that anybody like me knows of—see problem number one). Without a mouse, the four way button (I’m sure it has a tech name but you know what I mean) moves the cursor one pixel at a time. So so for web pages, but not so good for maps. Pretty obvious deficiency that they could have easily solved. Lock and Roll is here is stay, it will never die. Excuse me. As a candybar, you need to lock the keys. However, some events unlock the keys auto and some temp unlock them and some trigger but you have to remember to unlock the keys first. What, you think this all would be stated in the user guide? Reread problem number one. $%^&ing backlightless. Since the backlight stays off, no way of telling if the keys got unlocked or not (see above). Hey, I’m cheap, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who checks the call duration meter so as to talk fast and hang up before hitting that next minute. No good on the Nokia as the backlight goes off in 60 seconds max with no possibility of a reprieve. (Yeah, I know about the workaround app that you have to remember to start and then terminate.) This issue hits you all kinds of places over and over again. Best I can do (given the lack of documentation) is the double suck of hitting the power/mode button. This will force the backlight on but sucks once because of course doing so every 59 seconds is a big pain and sucks twice because if you press it wrong the phone thinks this means you want to power off. Now and without confirmation. Someone wrote, “…runs on a needlessly complex OS that buries useful apps.” Okay, sure. I’ve had to actually “type” into the find feature to track down apps like the calculator that I know are there but I’ll be damned if I can find them anywhere. The six softkeys are very handy but with this full-featured beast, I need 20 (and then I’d need softkeys to organize the 20 softkeys…). Hmmm, maybe some documentation would help. App parameters for amateurs. Found out (remember, inadequate documentation), that the recorder app happily pauses without notice when you go away to something else like the maps app. It’s still there and running, just no longer recording like maybe this is why you ran the recorder app. The video recorder doesn’t care that you are a power user who has plugged in an 8GB card, you get one hour of recording at a time no ifs ands or buts. And if you weren’t a power user like me, why would you get this phone? Integration disappoints me. I guess convergence just is not here yet even though a device like this is. I can’t tag a GPS lat long to a contact. I can’t properly tag a note (or a doc like a PDF or image showing how to get to their home) to a contact or, heaven forbid, tag a note to a stored GPS location (that the phone calls a landmark). How about recording something via the recorder app and attaching this to a calendar event? I could go on and on and on. That it offers less in this regard than the 10 year old Palm Pilot I was using does really surprise me. It also does not seem that everything, literally the hundreds of settings along with all the data can be backed up for fully recovery. As a sane person I don’t want to have to go through all the setup work again. There is a whole bunch of other stuff, but you have the high points here and after all, there are professional reviews out there. On the good side, the camera works really well…for me. I suppose photophiles would scoff, but the 3mp works fine for me and meets one of my purchase goals to always have a camera handy. Same too for the video recording. Not great, but not bad and meets my needs. The true flash works out really well. I use my N82 more as a camera than anything else. From my N82 experience, I’d rather have an N95 (bigger screen, sexier, no key locking issues with the slider I presume) but that flash thing led to the N82. I’ve taken to using the flash and close-up mode to use my N82 as an always on me document scanner. Thank you, thank you, yes, I know I am starting yet another trend. Those forms the doctor’s office made me fill out, I now have a pretty decent copy. The GPS is slow starting (as all the reviews say, perhaps slower), but I live with it. (Note that I don’t have a data plan—just use WiFi and USB—so this makes things different in a number of areas for me like no AGPS, YMMV). Oh, pay attention to this. Navigation, not Voice Navigation as everyone reports, is a (pretty hefty IMO) extra charge per time option. I thought that I would just navigate looking at the screen and skip the voice and save the money. You don’t pay, YOU GET NO, NO, NAVIGATION. It seemed pretty cool during the brief trial period with issues like you might expect like sub-optimal routing in strange ways. I miss it and would use it if I had it (with or without the voice talking) but I have no problems just navigating like I had for 34 years before I got my N82. WiFi is fine, web browsing okay (remember, only tedious one pixel scrolling). It will connect to hidden access points (and I wish my laptop did so then I would hide my wireless router). Bluetooth works okay. But—I tried for grins to link to my Bluetooth mouse and this did not work and then my mouse started tracking poorly. Bluetooth stereo headphones were fine. Another parameter nit, Bluetooth-PC xfers way too quickly timeout. Like when, gee, imagine this, you have a bunch of photos or some video that you want to xfer to the PC—get the USB cable out. I mean, I don’t care if the xfer takes all night, let it run! Oh, of course, the phone works. People say it is the clearest they have ever heard, wireless or wired. I say, who cares. It works okay, fine. Voice dialing I find useful along with voice known caller announcement. Just keep the damn backlight on so I can see who is calling or what my call duration is, etc. Just one more thing, its locked up twice so far requiring power cycling. I’d rather it

posted on 20 Jun 2008, 13:39

5. msh_Kinger (Posts: 1; Member since: 19 Jun 2008)

camera recording N82 Please:x....

posted on 17 Jul 2008, 16:49

6. ghola (unregistered)

I have this phone and it comes down to user smarts, I read these reviews and they don't scratch the surface of what this can do. All I can say if you don't know how to use it this smart phone may just be smarter than you. -30 fps 640 480 vid anyone, plus camera(nothing competes with thing at the bar. -Hate calling to check yopur messages? Install an answering machine! -Agile messenger anyone? -send video, voice, text(of course) and to your MSN Yahoo what ever.. now! not later -Need games, I like EEMAME personally; install it!, no quarters needed. -Sports Tracker really rocks if you get into it. -Have the latest DIVX/XVID movie? you can watch it with your GF/BF's on any RCA jack'd TV. No need to burn discs or hook up the computer. -Installed a 8GB microSD($50). This phone retired my mini-disc player. I'll stop here.....I think you may be getting a clue. Oh and its a really good small phone, almost forgot about what we were talking about.

posted on 14 Aug 2008, 14:00

7. morteza_bahaly (unregistered)

hi... i have a 5610 not to bad but n82 very very good cell phone ,i need to camera recorder to see. in this base not camera rec.. for see. thanks for your msg...

posted on 21 Sep 2011, 13:38

8. roz (unregistered)

.وبازی های آنN82تم های زیبای گوشی

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Nokia N82

Nokia N82

OS: Symbian 9.2
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Display2.4 inches, 240 x 320 pixels (167 ppi) TFT
Camera5 megapixels
Single core, 332 MHz, ARM11 processor
0.1 GB RAM
Size4.40 x 1.97 x 0.68 inches
(112 x 50.2 x 17.3 mm)
4.02 oz  (114 g)
Battery1050 mAh, 4.33 hours talk time

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