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Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review

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In this menu are stored all basic organizer-type applications. As the ‘contacts’, don’t expect them to perform as a smartphone. The File manager has two visualization options, showing respectively larger or smaller fields. By the way of use, it reminds us of the Windows OS, found on most computers, so it is user friendly. Actions such as Cut/Copy/Delete are available by holding the pointer on a selected file/folder. The Calculator, (world) Clock, and Notes are just as simple as you would expect. Additionally here is the excellent PDF reader, which opens large files without a problem. Sketch is very basic and doesn’t offer enough options to be fun enough, Search may help you find a file, but what the heck is X Terminal? For the Linux guys out there, Nokia has loaded a console, nice huh? In Extras, there are a few games: Chess, Blocks, Mahjong, and Marbles, as well as the Getting started tutorial. Additional applications can be installed with a few clicks. The idea for open source device that can easily be upgraded with new applications works!

File manager - Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review
Calculator - Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review
World Clock - Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review
PDF Reader - Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review

File manager


World Clock

PDF Reader

Sketch - Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review
X Terminal - Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review
Chess - Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review
Blocks - Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review


X Terminal




Maybe you’ve noted that we haven’t covered anything about multimedia? That doesn’t mean the N810 is not suitable for such files. The default music player is nothing interesting, but does the job. However, one of the popular applications in the Maemo site is the Kagu Media Player – we installed it and ran the scanner, which went through the memory and added all suitable files. A cool option here is that it could automatically download (hi-res) album art cover images for the tracks. Everything sounds cool so far. The player itself is also good; it can filter the tracks by artist, album, genre, playlists, has very large fields with big images, text, etc. Unlike most other players it is designed to work with playlists, and when you select a track during playback it will add to the queue, instead of interrupt the play.

Media Player - Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review
Media Player - Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review
Media Player - Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review

Media Player

Kagu Media Player - Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review
Kagu Media Player - Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review
Kagu Media Player - Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review

Kagu Media Player

The sound through the speakers is pretty loud and of good quality for such device. Put next to the Nokia MD-5W, which is a dedicated audio speaker with larger dimensions, the N810 sound is thinner but clearer and with similar strength. Great success! For personal enjoyment, wired headphones should be used, however, we are disappointed that the volume level is low, and even additional Hi-Fi ‘phones didn’t produce high volume levels.

Video playback - Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review

Video playback

What is the idea of a large 800x480 pixels display? Well, it's either text (internet, books, etc) or multimedia (video and images) rendering. Thanks to its high image quality, the screen of the N810 is absolutely suitable for video playback. The preloaded files on the Tablet show what it can do very well, but unfortunately all of them are in low resolution. We tried to use our own DivX but no luck. In fact, Nokia doesn’t list DivX-encoding as supported in its site, but the preloaded files are in exactly such format. Our question about the limitations (resolution, bitrate, framerate, encoding version, total size) remained with statement, mentioning NO DivX support and maximum listed resolution CIF and QVGA. However, the preloaded files are with 400x240 pixels (WQVGA), which is larger size than QVGA. Although not of a quality as high as we would have liked to see, they show that the Tablet will do the video playback very well!


N810 is the first Internet Tablet to come with an integrated GPS receiver, as well as Maps software (Wayfinder Mobile). Nokia offered navigation kit for the N800, but the N810 comes with a vehicle holder in the box. However, it isn’t mounted to the windshield (with a suction cup for example) but it has to be bolted to the dashboard and so it isn’t really convenient to use.

The performance isn't great at all, either. It seems to be similar to the one we've used in the N95 when it was initially released (read this as a mediocre chip without Assistance, as no GSM is present). This results in a very sluggish, even slow, locking of position. A hot restart would require at least a couple of minutes but when doing a cold one, prepare yourself for 10-15 minutes or even more.

At least there is preloaded free software, however, the application is not full version and won’t allow for routing or real time turn-by-turn navigation. It shows your location and can be used to search a specific place or Point of Interest (POI) near it. Maps can be downloaded for free, and if you’ve loaded different regions, only one currently active must be selected. If you want to get the full version, it can be purchased directly through the device. 36 month Wayfinder Navigator license price depends on the region, but in our case, for Western Europe, it costs 99EUR (~$150), while Central and Eastern is a bit cheaper, 79EUR (~$120).

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review
Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review
Wayfinder Mobile Interface - Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review
Wayfinder Mobile Interface - Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review

Wayfinder Mobile Interface

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review

For what it is, the N810 is great – internet browsing delivers computer-like experience (thought we would have liked some phone features such as panning) and viewing pages is great. Multimedia is just as one would like, once the correct application is installed and the QWERTY is just OK for messaging. The hardware is great, so it is the software that matters. There are lots of applications for the open-source system and their number is growing; check them out and if you like them, the N810 will be a good device for you.


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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. chris (unregistered)

this phone is sick and i think the linux os is amazing...wish it was cdma

posted on 27 Feb 2011, 22:39

2. Ponting (Posts: 19; Member since: 25 Jan 2011)

It's really a good N Series phone. The Nokia N810 is powered by maemo Linux-based OS2008, which offers a highly customizable user interface and contains various features such as a Mozilla based browser with Ajax, Adobe Flash 9 and RSS feed reader, Blue-tooth headset support as well as enhanced video and audio features.

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