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Nokia N81 8GB Review

Nokia N81 8GB

Posted: , by PhoneArena Team


Nokia N81 8GB Review

Nokia N81 8GB is very fast, thanks mainly to its 369 MHz processor of the ARM 11 type. During the tests the phone never slowed down or stopped opening the menus, even the heavier ones like Messaging and Games. The phone’s only weakness was playing video clips, and failures there were common, but we discussed this in detail above.

Although Nokia N81 8 GB emphasizes on its music and games capabilities, it is still a phone and therefore it is important how it performs as such. These are the results we got during our regular tests for the volume and quality of the sound:

the sound that you hear through your phone is averagely loud; the person at the other end should be pleased with the volume. Concerning the quality of the sound we can say that at both ends of the line you’ll have certain problems with this phone, related mainly to the distinctness of the speech.


Overall, we can say that N81 8GB offers nothing new, compared to its predecessors from the series, save for the 8 GB memory. It’ll let you make neither perfect pictures, nor high-quality video clips, so if you’re looking for a phone with such characteristics, you’d better look elsewhere. However, if you’re keen on a phone with a lot of memory, good music player, good sound and perfect graphics of the games and at the same time you’re prepared to put up with the shortcomings in its make, then this is the phone for you.


  • Strong volume through the speakers
  • External hardware key for locking the keypad


  • Low quality construction
  • The keys are hard to press
  • The camera lacks auto-focus
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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. sandeep (unregistered)

can you please add a comment about the rf strength of the phone. it will be appreciated.

posted on 28 May 2008, 22:16

2. (unregistered)

great phone..... reception is terrible, though.

posted on 26 Oct 2008, 03:08

3. Jeremy5254 (unregistered)

When i transfer data via bluetooth the phone say not enough memory. When i try to delete some items in the phone memory i can't find anything to delete ! Is there any option to transfer data directly to the 8 giga memory ?

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Nokia N81 8GB

Nokia N81 8GB

OS: Symbian 9.2
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PhoneArena rating:
Display2.4 inches, 240 x 320 pixels (167 ppi) TFT
Camera2 megapixels
Single core, 369 MHz, ARM11 processor
0.1 GB RAM
Size4.01 x 1.96 x 0.70 inches
(102 x 50 x 17.9 mm)
4.93 oz  (140 g)
Battery1050 mAh, 4 hours talk time

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