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Nokia N8 vs Apple iPhone 4

Posted: , posted by Daniel P.


Nokia N8 vs Apple iPhone 4

The in-call performance on the Nokia N8 is very good, with loud and clear sounding voices in the earpiece, while the noise-cancelling microphones do their thing for better output at the hearing end.
The iPhone 4 also has a noise cancelling mic, and the voice quality for the receiving end is very good, even in loud environments. Fine clarity in the earpiece on our side was the norm, despite some static noise in the background sometimes.

The speaker of the Nokia N8 has the upper hand here, producing loud sounds with minimum distortion, while the one on the iPhone 4 is weaker, with notable tinny sounds, as can be expected from the slimmest smartphone on the market.

Nokia N8, despite its metal casing, has placed the antennas near the plastic at both ends of the phone, so receptionwise it doesn't disappoint. As far as the iPhone 4 goes – we all remember the Antennagate it was sucked in after launch, but (we personally didn't experience it ourselves, maybe because we were in a strong signal area?). Battery life in 3G mode is rated at 7 hours of talk time for the iPhone 4, and 5.5 hours for the Nokia N8.


The Nokia N8 has a lot going for it. It is a multimedia powerhouse, packing a 12MP camera with a huge sensor, Carl-Zeiss lens, and a powerful Xenon flash. The Finnish handset also adds other notable virtues, that the iPhone 4 doesn't have, namely the ability to play almost any HD video file on a big screen via HDMI-out, with 5.1 channel surround sound. It also offers USB-on-the-go, an FM transmitter, removable storage, and free lifetime navigation that works offline in most countries. This feature set will be enough for many, especially Nokia fans and photographers, to pick it over the iPhone 4.

The Apple iPhone 4, on the other hand, also has a great camera, and the interface, like everything else on the phone, is very easy to learn and a pleasure to use right off the bat, compared to the functional, but more convoluted ways of Symbian^3. In the end, we have to say that it is not possible to leave out the App Store when comparing the iPhone 4 to another handset, just because it exists. It is rather hard to part with the comfort of your iPhone applications once you are sucked into that ecosystem, and Nokia cannot yet replicate that in the hotch-potch Ovi Store.

If we leave the App Store out (and we shouldn't), we have to admit that Nokia has created a real multimedia Swiss Army Knife with the N8, by including some functions that the iPhone 4 doesn't have (FM transmitter, USB-on-the-go, HDMI-out). However, as the financial results of Nokia and Apple show, fighting with hardware means you have already lost the battle.

Nokia N8 has very compelling extra features, but with the the Retina Display and the fast A4 chipset, the iPhone 4 already has some of the best hardware out there. On top of that, it is all crammed in the thinnest smartphone on the market, made of designer-grade materials. It also allows you to run some of the slickest programs ever made for a phone. And it is exactly the software, i.e. the overall people-friendly experience that matters most, and that's where Nokia has to play catch up now.

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