Messaging is fairly simple to use.  You are able to reach the messaging screen through the up key on the directional pad from the home screen, or by selecting the menu.  The buttons are responsive while typing.  If you’re a fan of predictive text, the dictionary seemed to store most of the words we were trying to type.  Instant messaging is supported, coming pre-installed with AIM, MSN and Yahoo.  All three signed us in without any problems or freezing and seemed very responsive.  We sent and received several pictures over the course of our review with no problems on either end of the transaction.  

Email on the N75 is supported through AT&T’s mobile email platform which supports email from Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, AIM, ATT Yahoo and Bellsouth.  Being a Symbian OS, you can also use your existing mailbox if it is POP or IMAP.  Starting the mobile email application we experienced a delay of several seconds, which isn’t that bad, but annoying if you open it often.  While viewing email, we used a Yahoo account and didn’t experience any particular problems.  On the 3G network emails downloaded quickly, but we were unable to view the entire email without selecting the option to view the entire email, which is standard on the mobile email application.

Connectivity and Data:

The N75 is quad-band GSM, and can work in any GSM network around the globe. For 3G it supports two bands of UMTS (850/1900 MHz) which are the standards used in America, but won’t be usable in Europe where the 2100 MHz band is used. Supported is Bluetooth v2.0 but without A2DP profile for stereo music, which is strange, considering the good music player, and the external controls.    

The browser like on all other Symbian S60 phones is excellent. It renders the pages as you’ve used to see them on a computer and thanks to the UMTS speed it is done faster than if you are using GPRS/EDGE. We really like the MiniMap and the History (back) options of the browser.

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