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Nokia Mini Speakers MD-4 Review

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Nokia Mini Speakers MD-4 Review

Unfortunately, during out tests we noticed a rather annoying issue, that also plagues other portable setups as well (say Parrot DS1120 or Altec Lansing Nobi). With certain phones when you pump up the volume above 80%, the speakers give off hardly bearable crackling sounds and music gets distorted as if you´re about to blow out the device. As far as you don´t try to listen to your music at full blast you won´t notice any sound issues and you´ll get a sound quality that is far superior to many of the built-in speakers, found in cell phones. Yet, the lack of punch here means they are far better at soft, background music than striking the right note (no pun intended) when it comes to bringing down the house at a party.

Power is supplied by four AAA batteries and according to Nokia, they should be able to provide around 30 hours of continuous playback. Sounds great, isn´t it? (The last 30-hour party we´ve been to, ended up with a colleague getting married).


If you aren´t a choosey music buff and yet you´d like to have something that sounds way better than your phone, you simply must take a look at (or rather give an ear to) Nokia Mini Speakers MD-4. They are one of the most compact sets on the market and can be easily carried around in a pocket, since the set is no larger than a typical cell phone. Moreover, connecting the set to almost any phone is as easy as ABC, including older Nokia models featuring pop port. All told, the set is a fair replacement to many of the built-in speakers, found in cell phones, unless you´re up to knocking people dead as a sound effect whiz at Ibiza beach parties.


  • Light and compact


  • Power supplied by AAA batteries that should be often shopped for
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