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Nokia Lumia Icon vs Samsung Galaxy S4


Nokia Lumia Icon vs Samsung Galaxy S4
Nokia Lumia Icon vs Samsung Galaxy S4
Call Quality

Hands down, the Lumia Icon is the preferred handset to with when it comes to call quality, as voices are clear through the earpiece and speakerphone. As for the Galaxy S4, its voices have some distortion to them, so it’s not quite as perfect as its rival.


It doesn’t surprise us that the Galaxy S4 barely beats out the Lumia Icon in the battery life department, seeing that it’s packing a 2600 mAh battery inside of its body – as opposed to the smaller 2420 mAh one in its rival. Using our battery benchmark test, the Galaxy S4 achieves a tally of 4 hours, 59 mins, which bests the 4 hours, 50 mins mark inched out by the Icon. Although it’s a small victory for the Galaxy S4, it doesn’t translate a whole lot with real life usage, since they both deliver the average one-day of juice we expect as the bare minimum. Well, we do appreciate that the Lumia Icon features wireless charging – a feature that’s slowly being standardized with high-end smartphones.


There are obvious benefits picking up the handset that’s the newer of the two, so in this particular case, it would be the Nokia Lumia Icon. For starters, it bears newer hardware that’s more befitting of a high-end smartphone – albeit, the Galaxy S4’s hardware is still widely regarded as top notch. Secondly, you get that sense of freshness too with Nokia’s latest Lumia, especially when its design is uncharacteristic of other Lumias.

Now, if we’re to look at their current pricing through Verizon, we begin to see a big discrepancy between them. Almost a year old at this point, the 32GB Galaxy S4’s on-contract price of $149.99 seems out of character in comparison to the $200 price attached to the newer Lumia Icon. Moreover, there’s even a bigger disparity with their off-contract pricing, which is set for $550 for the Icon and $650 for the Galaxy S4. It’s mind boggling to see that the Galaxy S4 is priced higher than the Lumia Icon – so the decision will primarily hinge on whether or not you want to pick them up with or without a contract.

Although there are secondary features offered by the Galaxy S4 that enhances the experience, like its IR blaster that turns it into a remote, some people wouldn’t place them highly on the list of being crucial to a smartphone’s likeability. As the dust settles, we’d give the Lumia Icon the benefit of the doubt at the moment of being the more prized device. Then again, the platform experience will greatly influence the choice of people.


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