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Nokia Lumia 900 vs Samsung Galaxy Note LTE

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Nokia Lumia 900 vs Samsung Galaxy Note LTE
Buzzing our friends, we find the calling quality of both handsets to be above average as they boast clear and audible voices on both ends of the line. However, the Nokia Lumia 900 takes the gold seeing that the volume output on the Galaxy Note LTE’s earpiece is on the weak side.

Testing them out in all the same locations in the greater Philadelphia region, the Samsung Galaxy Note LTE seems to provide us the better battery life. Specifically, it’s able to provide us close to two days of normal usage on a single charge, while the Nokia Lumia 900 inches out 1 ½ days before being tapped out completely.


Rather than getting down and dirty stating which device did better in what category, we’re going to get right to the point and talk about pricing – well, that’s because there’s such a huge disparity. When you’re deemed as a high-end offering and priced at $99.99 on-contract, you’re bound to attract plenty of attention, while coming off as something that’s packing a whole lot of bang for the buck. Simply, that’s essentially the story we find with the Nokia Lumia 900.

On the flip side, however, people will cringe having to cough up $299.99 for a device that’s going to be on-contract for 2 years. Yes, it’s a steep price to own and experience the Samsung Galaxy Note LTE, but it’s fully warranted seeing that it wins in the specs sheet department – while still offering some benefits in the form of its S Pen functions and video-out functionality. On the hardware side, its 5.3” display is a magnificent thing to behold, and simply puts the 4.3” display of the Lumia 900 to shame.

In the end, they both offer all the lovable qualities we expect out of any top-shelf smartphone, but if pricing isn’t a concern, the Samsung Galaxy Note LTE proves to be the more alluring product in the long run. Well, we can say that the Nokia Lumia 900 is a grand device on its own, but it can’t outmatch the prestige that radiates blindingly from Sammy’s juggernaut.

Nokia Lumia 900 vs Samsung Galaxy Note LTE:


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